Advantech condition monitoring of transmission components

Transmission elements like linear motion guides, ball splines, and ball screws have many applications in automation. From surgical robotic arms to aircraft landing gear and mass rapid transport mechanisms, they are precision instruments. Advantech condition monitoring plays a key role in maintaining their dependability.

Determining the status of these devices allows for the smooth execution of manufacturing processes through effective machine maintenance. Moreover, it reduces inventory management costs, and increases equipment uptime.

To assist one customer, Advantech devised a data collection module that builds unique models from collected data. From this it derives a unique algorithm that performs status diagnosis and predictive detection.

The customer sells large volumes of transmission components into high precision industrial machinery for semiconductor, medical equipment, and car manufacturing. Linear motion systems are critical for precision machinery, and operate through a low friction sliding motion over a linear axis.

Condition monitoring

By collecting vibration signals during the operation, data processing and modelling can create reliable networked modules to determine the condition of the linear motion guides in production.

Where the equipment has wiring and space constraints, the data acquisition modules need a compact computing platform. One that will perform collection, storage, and data processing in addition to network connectivity.

The Advantech DAQ data acquisition module with signal conditioning and a compact computing platform  delivers this. It monitors the status of the linear motion guides and delivers it to a database allowing the engineers and management to monitor all manufacturing conditions.

The DAQ board has multiple analogue data sensors with built-in signal filtering to collect the X, Y, and Z-axis vibration signals from the slides and the ball fixings. It then compares the data against the reference timeline generated in real-time from four sets of digital data acquired from the positional deviation of photo interrupters. The system uploads relevant information to the cloud through Advantech’s wireless ADAM-6700E module. This allows engineers to remotely monitor the status of the linear motion guides and machines.

Advantech developed the hardware and system integration platform and complement the client’s IT capability by turning the standardized IPC+DAQ solution into a compact data acquisition platform.

Finally, the client used their expertise in software development to reduce the hardware requirements, thereby cutting the costs of deployment. The resulting machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution increased manufacturing efficiency.



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