CC-Link IE TSN specification released

The CC-Link Partner Association has announced the CC-Link IE TSN specification. It is the next generation network based on the current CC-Link IE Industrial Ethernet. Development meets future market demands for Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology.

Creating smart factories, requires gathering real-time information from production processes, and to process it via edge computing, and finally to send it seamlessly to IT systems. To achieve this, a production site requires a network capable of high-speed, stable control communication as well as large-volume information transmission to IT systems. It is important to combine industrial networks at production sites with IT system networks.

CC-Link IE TSN adds increased network openness while further strengthening its performance and functionality. It also supports wider development, enabling easier implementation on a wider range of equipment. This increases the number of compatible products and speeds up the construction of smart factories using the IIoT.

Furthermore, it enables flexible implementation for equipment supporting mixed usage of information communications. This affects those using Internet Protocol (IP) and control communication technology. CLPA expects they will improve efficiency and reduce time for the construction of smart factories utilising the IIoT.

CC-Link IE TSN specification release

Released in 2007, the CC-Link IE specification was the first 1 Gbps Ethernet-based open industrial network. It has since expanded from general input/output control to include the applications for motion control and safety.

It handles a mixture of high-speed, large-capacity control communication combined with non-control communication, coexisting due to the 1Gbps bandwidth. Furthermore, it is easy to diagnose the cause of network errors. This ensures it is simple to build systems that control and monitor production sites and reporting. Moreover, it will collect and analyse information to bring benefits to a range of different industries.

Demand for IIoT and Industry 4 is increasing due to the growing number of smart factory implementations. This increases demand for time-critical applications to connect a range of manufacturers’ products. For example, in high-function motion control equipment, where the use of an open standard would benefit users. To meet these demands, the CC-Link IE TSN network improves the performance and functions of the current CC-Link IE using TSN technology.


  • – Flexible IIoT system construction
  • – Faster time to market and reduced downtime
  • – Further productivity improvement
  • – Diversification of development methods

Developing CC-Link IE TSN compatible products

The detailed specification of CC-Link IE TSN will be available to CLPA partner companies through their website. Compatible partners’ products are expecting release dates through 2019. Over fifty CLPA partner companies are developing CC-Link IE TSN compatible product as of November 2018.

CLPA welcomes new members interested in joining their TSN development programme.

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