Contactron speed starter bridges the starting divide

Bridging the gap between motor starters and variable speed drives, Phoenix Contact’s latest Contactron speed starter offers the main functions common in a VSD but without the complexity. The device needs no drives expertise or software, making it fast and easy to commission.

Furthermore, it adds speed control, full-torque ramp, and improved efficiency to the basic Contractron motor starter functions. It provides ramp-up and ramp-down functions while the motor is under load, which a soft starter cannot. Unlike a traditional motor starter, it offers two independently settable operating speeds. Moreover, the intuitive keypad and rotary control knob allow commissioning in minutes.

The digital inputs activate user-settable output speeds, allowing it to replace a traditional DOL starter while offering drive-like functionality. The hybrid speed starter also offers safe shutdown, and integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) makes it unique in its device class. It benefits from two-channel safe shutdown without additional contactors or complex procedures. SIL 3 and PLe certifications provide advanced safety.

Contactron speed starter applications

This makes it ideal for intralogistics applications such as conveyor and material handling systems. The two speeds allow acceleration/deceleration between two points, different forward and reverse speeds, or simple use of the ramp function to avoid toppling product or shock-loading gear drives. It can also optimise motor speed to save energy and improve flexibility, which makes it valuable in fans, pumps, and lift applications.

Contactron speed starters are available with a range of options and performance classes between 0.25 and 1.5 kW. They are available with and without EMC filters, and with single or three-phase input. Replaceable fans are also available on larger models.

Their plug-and-play solution features simple wiring and intuitive operation for quick and easy start up. Set of the parameters is fast and efficient using the setting selector switch/rotary switch. The speed starter offers an intuitive-to-operate solution for a variety of motor applications with different speeds.

With a compact design and an overall width starting at 35 mm, the Contactron speed starter is the narrowest device in its class available. They are rear of panel or DIN rail mounted and high-density control cabinet applications save additional costs and floorspace.




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