EcoStruxure for Industry

EcoStruxure is a Schneider Electric’s open IoT systems to help organisations compete in the modern digital economy. It offers customised architectures across multiple industries where Schneider has expertise and experience. Markedly, EcoStruxure for Industry is a new offering.

This IIoT-enabled, open and interoperable system architecture for plants and machines uses Wonderware. Its established platform offers significant new capabilities for developers and users. The IoT-enabled architecture delivers safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for its users. Using the  EcoStruxure core leverages a wide range of technologies in IoT.  This includes: mobility; sensing; cloud; analytics; and cybersecurity. Together they deliver innovation for connected products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services.


EcoStruxure for Industry

EcoStruxure for Industry supports developing operational excellence, situational awareness and actionable intelligence using any hardware or software regardless of age or manufacturer.

Users can access new opportunities created by digitisation. It provides an integrated framework for industrial customers addressing increasing complexity of operations. In the long run, they can optimize assets and increase the speed of adapting to changing business conditions.

EcoStruxure for Industry offer a scalable platform for developers of industrial applications. Users can build new or customise existing applications to optimize industrial processes. It offers an open development environment and interoperable interface. Moreover, users gain insight into operations, delivering wider enhanced business value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and connectivity.

Hybrid and Continuous Process

Schneider is a full-line automation company covering machinery, discrete, hybrid and process solutions. Its robust offering bringing together automation and power. EcoStruxure for Industry addresses the challenges unique to hybrid and continuous customers.

Data from continuous processes was difficult to extract, integrate and analyse until now. Connecting to edge and cloud computing improve data analytics. Furthermore, it enables users to drive smarter processes in continuous assets and facilities.

To this end, Schneider Electric works closely with process and hybrid process operators. Users enjoy unmatched end-to-end operational efficiency with Schneider Electric’s IIoT-enabled, future-proof solution. It fosters open innovation and enable more dynamic control for better business results.

Finally, for industrial customers, the architecture unlocks the potential of digitalisation and IIoT. It accelerates open standards-based development, offering customers a more flexible alternative. to today’s model. On balance, it simplifies complex and disparate systems by using IIoT to reduce engineering.


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