The solution you need to ensure error-free assembly

Mitsubishi Electric is offering a new version of its Guided Operator Solutions (GOS) for ensuring error-free assembly tasks. The self-assembled design delivers a flexible, plug-and-play picking system, making it possible to achieve error-free production assembly tasks every time.

Manual assembly work forms the basis of many products. But it is also an area errors can occur, and unless detected early have a big impact on productivity. Human error when picking parts is one of the most significant causes of mistakes. Repetitive assembly task can be boring, they provide an operator stimulus to get it right.

Guided operator solutions

The GOS follows simple manual assembly and operation principles. Supporting these are an advanced automation controller, sensors, and software. It follows the principles of ‘Poka-yoke’ which translates from Japanese as ‘mistake-proofing’.

Picking stations, or terminals, are simple to install on pipe racking. Connections are via a single network cable that joins each device and links back to the main controller. Intuitive connectors also enable fast installation of networks without the need to cut or strip wires.

Terminals are quick to set up with an address writer and using dedicated software enables mapping to the controller. Moreover, this ensures the configuring, programming and maintaining of applications without unnecessary complexity.

GOS offers a choice of terminals, ranging from a simple LED and push button devices to servo operated doors. Options for lever switch and photoelectric terminals are also available. Sending instructions to a display screen or Mitsubishi HMI allows the user to select and accept tasks and keep track of production batches. They can also make improvements to the layout and appearance of instructions.

Using the Guided Operator Solutions, ‘human’ picking and assembly mistakes are simple to eliminate. It helps reduce waste, improve quality, and boost productivity. Moreover, it increases operator involvement and can improve assembly speed and job satisfaction.

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