How VSD service plans improve business resilience

Building owners and industrial organisations are revolutionising their operations through the digitisation of their facilities and processes. Smart buildings and factories are helping to boost efficiency and productivity. Yet, the integrated nature of these facilities adds complexity to operations and business resilience. For instance, if one critical component goes down, lost productions can have a dramatic impact on profitability.

For example, in many cases, facilities depend on the uptime of electric motor-driven applications like fans, pumps, and HVAC systems. Throughout critical sites like hospitals and data centres, operators are now considering how they can anticipate and respond to outages. What’s more, these resilience-based strategies need the right combination of smart technology and comprehensive maintenance service plans to be effective. According to Schneider Electric, service plans have an important role in both anticipating, and responding to unplanned downtime. Importantly, they also ensure specialist technical staff are on-hand to support the businesses.

Automating remote maintenance support procedures

While the main purpose of variable speed drives (VSDs) is controlling the speed and torque of motors, they provide much more functionality. New generations of intelligent VSDs address the need for both higher motor uptime and services and providing operational resilience.

Most VSDs are part of a chain of electromechanical devices that work together. Moreover, they reduce their downtime, while also acting as smart “sensors” for the entire driveline. Their onboard systems monitor factors like motor torque, temperature, mains voltage, load energy consumption and other parameters).

Application models embedded within the drive issue warnings when parts are likely to wear out or warranties due to expire. By collecting data on all the key parameters affecting the driveline’s lifetime, they can anticipate predictable outcomes.

Building business resilience through service plans

To capitalise on these capabilities, demand is growing for specialist technical and maintenance services from drive manufacturers. Schneider Electric is delivering support packages with remote technical support, spare parts, and on-site experts available within four hours. Furthermore, coverages can include digital services like EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, enabling expert remote monitoring of key equipment performance.

Benefits of such packages include the availability of remote monitoring services that generate dashboards highlighting the behaviours of the various VSD connected devices. The result is improved asset performance and reliability, greater energy savings and lower maintenance costs. Reducing downtimes also increases productivity and profitability whilst improving  customer satisfaction for the organisation.






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