MELFA RV-12CRL-D: NEW from Mitsubishi Electric

Get ready for a new era of industrial automation with the upcoming release of the NEW Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RV-12CRL-D. As experts in the field of industrial robotics, we are excited to present this groundbreaking addition to Mitsubishi Electric’s esteemed MELFA series. With enhanced capabilities and advanced features, the RV-12CRL-D promises to redefine efficiency and productivity in industrial settings.

Unlocking Efficiency with Expanded Capabilities

The MELFA RV-12CRL-D brings a host of advancements to the table, including a 12kg payload type added to the RV-CR series. Its impressive reach radius of 1504 mm makes it the longest arm in its class, allowing for automation across various applications, from processing machines to logistics automation. This extended reach ensures precision and versatility, catering to the diverse needs of modern industries.

Powerful Handling of Heavy Loads

One of the standout features of the RV-12CRL-D is its ability to handle heavy and large objects with ease. With a 90% increase in inertia for heavy objects and large hands handling, the robot delivers high-speed wrist movement, facilitating swift and efficient handling of workpieces such as PCBs. This capability is set to revolutionise industries requiring rapid and precise handling of substantial loads.

Customisable Options for Enhanced Functionality

Mitsubishi has equipped the RV-12CRL-D with a full range of standard equipment and options to meet the unique requirements of different applications. From battery-less and oil mist specifications to a comprehensive I/O card, the robot comes loaded with features essential for seamless integration and operation. With 32 standard I/O points and options such as the force sensor, users have the flexibility to tailor the robot to their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.

Intelligent Operations for Enhanced Productivity

Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the RV-12CRL-D offers intelligent operations such as assembly, further enhancing productivity and efficiency on the factory floor. Its compact design and thoughtful arm design minimise wiring requirements, simplifying installation and maintenance while maximising operational efficiency. With high permissible moment and inertia, along with improved operating speed of the wrist, this robot delivers unmatched performance in demanding industrial environments.

The Mitsubishi MELFA RV-12CRL-D represents a significant leap forward in industrial automation, combining advanced capabilities with unparalleled performance and versatility. Whether in manufacturing, logistics, or assembly, the RV-12CRL-D sets a new standard for efficiency, precision, and reliability, empowering businesses to thrive in the era of Industry 4.0.

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