Intuitive automation with EcoStruxure Machine Expert

EcoStruxure is the Schneider Electric open IoT systems to help organisations compete in the coming digital economy. Within EcoStruxure, Machine Expert is an intuitive software solution for simplifying machine automation. It provides all the features and functions required for machine builders to get to market faster.

EcoStruxure links connected automation products through edge control to Apps, Analytics and Services. It delivers reliability, operational efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity to users planning for IoT. Within it, EcoStruxure for Industry offers a customised architecture for plant and machines. Machine Expert forms part of EcoStruxure for Industry.

Formerly called SoMachine, Machine Expert saves engineering time through intuitive machine programming. It is one of the most modern and powerful tool-based software concepts on the market, providing a single software environment with one project file, one connection and one download operation.

Why use EcoStruxure Machine Expert?

EcoStruxure Machine Expert software helps users to design, commission and maintain logic, drive, motion and HMI controllers in a single environment. It was designed specifically for OEM machine builders to reduce machine development time. It uses standardised, modular programming, automatic code generation and proven, off-the-shelf application libraries.

End-users can also benefit through improved efficiency of its flexible and scalable performance. They can replace a controller with another one, while retaining the logic and the configuration. Moreover, several versions of EcoStruxure Machine Expert can run in parallel in a system to help ensure compatibility. Markedly, it is compatible with Machine Adviser Remote, the cloud-based services for remotely accessing operating machines.

Included in it is EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert, a touchscreen configuration for creating application screens. It uses the latest user interface design for enabling screens for Magelis HMIs and iPCs. It provides a configuring and commissioning tool for motion control devices, the IEC 61131-3 languages, integrated fieldbus configurators, expert diagnostics and debugging. Furthermore, it offers maintenance and visualization including web-visualization and tested, application libraries. To simplify integration and maintenance, it wil also  send diagnostics to PCs, HMIs and mobile device as soon as a machine starts.

Specialist capabilities

EcoStruxure Machine Expert – Basic is a lightweight software solution for the Modicon M221 controller. It provides fast programming and functionality intuitively in four steps, being: hardware configuration, programming, display configuration, commissioning. It provides a flexible and scalable usage of controllers, making it easy to integrate the M221 logic controllers into a project. What is more EcoStruxure Machine Expert – Basic is available as free download.

Motion systems

For systems requiring motion control, EcoStruxure Machine Expert Motion -based on PacDrive 3, is available. It is for managing mechatronic and motion centric design projects integrating mechanical hardware and also electronics development into an interdisciplinary process

Lite SCADA for line management

EcoStruxure Machine SCADA Expert (formerly Vijeo XL) is a software for developing HMI, SCADA, OEE and Dashboard projects. It is for Line Management & Lite Supervision applications to run in Magelis Industrial PC and GTU Open Box.

Finally, from design and development, to commissioning and maintenance, EcoStruxure Machine is a complete machine building solution with benefits all through the machine life cycle.

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