Linear Transfer System to Speed-up Robot Integration

Mitsubishi Electric is promoting a new Linear Transfer System to speed-up robot integration. This intelligent conveying system combines productivity advantages with a unique safety concept. Operator safety is addressed without compromising productivity.

This new version features the Smart Carriages technology, building on the existing usability. This include on-board intelligence and data memory, and freely configurable tracks. Furthermore, it includes on-board battery power to enable even more productivity.

Linear Transfer System to speed-up robot integration

The Linear Transfer System (LTS) ensures improved robot operation, with shorter response times and simplified process customization. It offers greater production line flexibility by using on-board intelligence and connectivity. These allow each carriage to behave both differently and autonomously. For example, the Smart Carriages can choose the best route to the next station and enable processing of the product as it moves from place to place.

The on-board battery powers both on-carriage devices such as sensors and controllers, plus the carriage itself. This removes the need to draw power from the track, increases layout flexibility. Additionally, reliability increases as there is no need for brushes contacting the track. This improves availability by avoiding the build-up of dust and he need for cleaning the brushes. This advantage offers reduced maintenance and also makes the system suitable for use in clean environments.

Operator Safety

A new safety concept allows cage-free operation and increased productivity. It has implemented safety features such as Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safety Limited Speed (SLS) that work in combination with sensors to detect when an operator is nearing the conveyor system. If a workers approaches it, the Smart Carriage will first slow down, before the carriage approaching the potential hazard stops. Elsewhere on the LTS, operation continues at normal speeds and productivity is not compromised.

The system offers a full suite of track pieces in different lengths and bend radii to enable users to build a complete linear transfer system to meet their needs without outside help.

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