How Melsoft MaiLab AI tools enhance factory operations

Mitsubishi Electric has released a novel AI support tool to help manufacturers make their production sites smarter. Called MELSOFT MaiLab, it helps users learn from past work data to determine optimal control parameters for production conditions. It helps workers without specialist knowledge to manage factory operations and productivity.

MELSOFT MaiLab is a data science tool using Mitsubishi’s established Maisart Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine. It improves manufacturing by replacing human experience and intuition with digital technology. It then incorporates it into control systems enabling non-specialists to analyse and diagnose factory data.

Manufacturers are using more factory floor data to enhance productivity. This in turn stimulates the need for data collection and visualisation as well as advanced analysis and diagnosis.

Yet, production management and equipment maintenance by human workers remains commonplace. Evidently, tasks like equipment adjustments and consumable replacement timing depend on the experienced workers. But the lack of skilled workers is an issue for manufacturers promoting advanced data analysis and diagnosis. AI can help by passing on the knowhow of skilled workers to younger workers.

AI tools help non-specialists enhance factory operations

MaiLab uses deep learning and statistical methods to learn how skilled workers manage operations. It does this without requiring any special knowledge of factory operations. Having learned a process, it uses its analysis and results to adjust equipment parameters. This helps manufacturers automatically improve their operations and further increase productivity. MaiLab uses digital technologies to simplify integration, streamline processes, and reduce engineering.

 Key Features of MELSOFT MaiLab

 1) Automated learning allows non-specialists to analyse production data for improved productivity

– Automated machine learning (AutoML) and AI learning uses data analysis to give automatic feedback to equipment. AutoML automates the process of machine learning, allowing users to pre-process data, automatically select analysis methods to generate learning models, and then customise them. Moreover, it improves productivity without requiring users to have in-house data-analysis expertise.

– AI tools generate learning models to help inexperienced workers operate as specialists by monitoring data to check operations to adjust production equipment like skilled workers.

 2) Supports intuitive operation and easy analysis/diagnostics with rich graphic displays

– Using visualisation in the form of correlation matrix maps and scatter plot matrix to support intuitive operation and data analysis.

– Use a tablet computer to check production status remotely.

Data collection and diagnosis can start in MELSOFT MaiLab with a basic licence. Moreover, systems are configurable according to the scale of facilities and increases in the number of analysis users, etc.

Mitsubishi Electric also offers customers data analysis service from their data scientists. They also provide training in the basic knowledge required for data analysis.




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