Mitsubishi iQ Works2 V2.43 – Update

The latest version of iQ Works2 V2.43 is now available and includes an updated version of all the MELSOFT Products.

Mitsubishi’s unrivalled commitment to supporting legacy products ensures that they are still providing a copy of GX Developer as part of the software suite.

iQ Works2 Software Features

The iQ Works Software Suite consists of:

  • Melsoft Navigator 2.43 (project management tool)
  • GX Works2 1.568S (PLC programming)
  • GX Works3 1.036N (PLC programming)
  • MT Works 1.135R (Motion programming)
  • RT Toolbox3 1.00A (Robot programming)
  • GX Developer 8.119 (PLC programming, for legacy systems)
  • GT Works3 1.178 (HMI programming)
  • FR Configurator2 1.10L (Inverter programming)
  • MR Configurator 1.20 (Servo amplifier configuration, tuning, monitoring and debugging software)
  • QnUDVCPU & LCPU Logging Configuration Tool 1.32 (Data logging configuration software)

Customers who have recently purchased and registered a copy of iQWorks2 V2 can download a free of charge upgrade from MyMitsubishi

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john hatton stone saw engineering
john hatton stone saw engineering
2 years ago

I have an old fx plc that as lost the ladder program but I have another plc on another machine the machine is about 20 years old