New – Mitsubishi iQ-R OPC UA Server Module

Mitsubishi have announced the launch of a MELSEC iQ-R Series OPC UA server module, which integrates the OPC UA server directly into the PLC as a robust alternative to a computer-based configuration.

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) is a platform-independent communications standard developed by the OPC foundation. The platform offers reliable and secure data communications between the manufacturing level and IT-level systems.

OPC UA Module showing Ethernet ports


Embedded OPC UA server improves system reliability and reduces cost

The OPC UA server module can be installed directly on the MELSEC iQ-R Series base unit realising an embedded OPC UA server within the machine.  As a result, reliability is improved by eliminating the requirement for a computer-based server, which can be vulnerable to high security risks such as computer viruses.  Industrial control systems have a longer product service life compared to computers resulting in less hardware maintenance, reducing overall system cost.  It is also now possible to efficiently manage and store tag data within the equipment. This improves the implementation of SCADA and other IT systems.

OPC UA application example with iQ-R


Reduce overall development time with easy-to-use configuration software

Utilizing MX OPC UA Module Configuration-R, intuitive features such as the wizard-based settings can substantially reduce development time. Enabling easy registration of tag data and simplifying server module maintenance.

OPC UA Module Configuration demonstrating intuitive features and wizard settings


Flexible configuration supports seamless connectivity

The OPC UA server module enables data collection through seamless communication between an OPC UA client and MELSEC-Series controllers. Such as the MELSEC iQ-R Series, Q Series and L Series. Seamless connectivity is supported on CC-Link IE, CC-Link and Ethernet-based networks, supporting utilization with both new and existing control systems.


Robust security with protection against unauthorized data access

OPC UA security functions such as certificate, encrypt and signature can be set based on system requirements. Security is enhanced by having two Ethernet ports, enabling separation of the IT and shop floor networks.


OPC UA server module software specifications


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