What is the new Sick Monitoring Box all about?

Unplanned downtime is by its nature unpredictable, as well as expensive. For many producers, it results in lost production, scrap materials, missed deadlines and emergency repairs. One way to help predict problems is by incorporating condition monitoring and preventative maintenance tools like the SICK Monitoring Box.

Sick Monitoring Box

The Monitoring Box, a simple use plug-and-play system for monitoring sensors, machines, processes, and plants. It adapts to provide live status feedback and historical analysis for a wide range of operating needs, supporting more effective maintenance and better efficiency. Moreover, besides industrial manufacturing, its use extends to logistics, ports, transport systems or waste management facilities.

Monitoring Box uses pre-configured Apps on SICK sensors to provide monitoring through an intuitive, browser-based dashboard for desktop or mobile devices. An IoT gateway supports device data processing in local data storage or via a secure connection to the SICK cloud.

Simple to apply and use

According to SICK, Monitoring Box provides transparent information about the health of your machines in a few simple steps. Also, depending on your requirements, it turns information like operating time, wear, temperature, energy usage or contamination levels into a valuable resource.

This results in an improvement in machines and systems availability and improved productivity. It reduces unplanned maintenance time and allows the more effective deployment of operating staff. Furthermore, it can extend the operating life of machines through a better understanding of historical trends and patterns.

Fast access to information

To begin, a SICK service member installs and activates the gateway, and transmission starts as following connection of the devices. Customers can also choose to hand over their entire device monitoring to SICK including both SICK and third-party devices.

Use the AssetBrowser function to view all your devices or AssetFilter to view incidents and graphical representations to identify historical patterns and trends. Use Data Explorer and Event Log to review a record of alarms and notifications. Email alerts can notify operators when values go out of predetermined limits, enabling a faster response to maintenance and servicing needs.

The SensorApp allows adding more sensors to the SICK Monitoring Box without special  programming knowledge. The remote monitoring provides transparency of operating and process parameters.

Finally, the SICK Monitoring Box offers a reliable system architecture, robust data security and password-protected access rights.