Mitsubishi NZ2FT Slice I/O Modules Offer Enhanced Safety Protocols And IP67 Protection

Mitsubishi Electric’s NZ2FT slice I/O modules offer benefits for PLC users through space saving and cost reduction features. Commissioning is simpler with fast connectors, hot-swap installation and online/onboard software for setting up.

Each slice offers a clip-in mounting system, while status LEDs help with visual diagnostics. Width of 11.5 mm saves space on the rack, allowing wiring for larger systems into a smaller panel. Connecting up to 64 modules per row also saves on hardware costs.

Wiring is much faster and easier thanks to push-in spring clamp terminal blocks. The terminal block is detachable to simplify component wiring. It is then plugged into the I/O block while it is in position, adding convenience and saving time.

Set-up is accessible and flexible using the proprietary software GX Works3. Otherwise, the dedicated onboard settings tool built into the communication module is available. Moreover, the tool allows monitoring/diagnostics and functional tests, helping to reduce engineering time and machine costs.

IP67 and Safety modules

IP67 and CC-Link IE Safety modules are available. The water and dustproof IP67 modules remove the need for a control cabinet, saving on hardware cost and space. The push-to-lock connector also reduces wiring and eliminates maintenance like the re-tightening of screws. Screw connector types are also available.

Slice I/O connectivity

The built-in Web server enables parameter setting even before a system is complete. Additionally, checking the error status on the Web server screen helps to reduce system downtime. Communication modules support connectivity for Profibus, Ethernet I/P and Modbus TCP protocols.

Power comes through a bus to each slice, and there is no need for power wiring. There is the option for an extended power supply module if needed. It can also provide power to a row of I/O modules.

Go here to download the NZ2FT slice I/O brochure containing a full list of module product information. Learn more about the product here.