Now is the time to upgrade to the Omron CP2E controller

Now is the time for users of the obsolescent Omron CP1E to upgrade to the newer CP2E controller. Aside from backward compatibility, the new model offers improved programming functions and new communications options as standard.

Upgrading to the CP2E allows machine builders to improve performance with a  single click. Using Omron’s CX-Programmer you can change the PLC program from CP1E to CP2E/CP2E-N.

The CP2E controller is a micro-PLC suitable for compact equipment and supports data collection and Machine to Machine communication. It provides a powerful and effective solution for stand-alone machines or connected machines where the price/performance ratio is key. Responding to demands for faster processing of equipment, the CP2E processing speed averages five times faster than CP1E.

The CP2E also offers an efficient solution for flexible production where traceability and machine monitoring are essential. Combining CP2E with Omron’s NB-Series HMI offers a perfect solution for compact machine controls. To reduce programming time for the HMI application, download the NB HMI Faceplates project for ready to use pages.

Reduced maintenance

The extended operating temperature range also ensures reliable use in machines for non-manufacturing industries where the demand for use of controllers is increasing. The CP2E controller also benefits from the battery-free operation, I/O LED indicators for quick troubleshooting and automatic recovery from electric interference.

CP2E controller networking

Having two Ethernet ports, the CP2E Controller offers a cost-effective way to add Ethernet data communications to compact machines in digital factories. For example, collecting machine performance data and sharing the necessary information with the host network.

Faster development with function block (FB) programming

The CP2E offers structured text and FB programming for users to create reusable FBs. The function blocks containing predefined program data reduce program development work and improve quality through standardisation. This also allows a simple user setup of machines that perform complex control routines. It reduces the time needed for programming, test, debugging, and maintenance.

Additionally, Omron offers downloadable function blocks for positioning, machine to machine communication and predictive maintenance.

Further information on the conversion procedure and module replacements is in a downloadable replacement guide.

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