Have you heard about Omron’s new E2E NEXT Proximity sensors?

ron Automation says about 70% of unexpected production stoppages are due to component failure, with proximity sensors accounting for most of them. The Omron E2E NEXT Series of proximity sensors are for high-performance production lines with challenging environments specifically designed to address this issue. Omron offers the world’s longest sensing distances, and the series consists of over 2500 models with many benefits for users.

Using devices with short sensing distances causes an estimated 20% of sensor malfunctions. For example, equipment vibration may cause the sensor body to move too far away or come in contact with the sensing object. The longer sensing distances offered by the Omron E2E NEXT Series minimises sudden interruptions of this kind. Moreover, they also detect warning signs before stoppages and notify users via the network, resulting in improved productivity.

The Omron E2E NEXT Series DC 3-Wire Model Proximity Sensors use Omron’s unique Thermal Distance Control 2 and PROX3 hybrid circuit technology. They allow sensing distances twice that of the previous models and reduce stoppage risks by a factor of three.

Models with IO-Link communications allow users to know (in real-time) the state of multiple sensors from a single location. For example, distances between sensor bodies and sensing objects are monitored to notify users if they become too great or small. Therefore, enabling early identification of the site and substance of failures allows the timely intervention of maintenance personnel.

Omron E2E NEXT with IO-Link communications

For higher efficiency and productivity gains, the E2E NEXT Series also includes IO-Link compatible sensor models for integration with IoT and Smart Factory solutions. IO-Link is an open international standard supported by more than 100 companies, including leading sensor manufacturers.

It provides bidirectional communication as well as supporting typical sensor and actuator signals. It allows the sensors and actuators to exchange status information and operating parameters with the automation system. Moreover, the sensors can make constant checks to report their performance.

New E2EW

The new E2EW models are full metal proximity sensors, made to enhance productivity in automotive and other similar industries. E2EW sensors have metal operating faces treated with a fluororesin coating to increase spatter resistance. Which helps reduce the risk of sudden stoppages due to sensors occurring in the welding processes for vehicles.

With its longer sensing distances, the E2EW Series works well with both aluminium and steel processes to enhance productivity. This is a predominant factor with the increased use of aluminium in car production.

µProx E2E

These small diameter proximity sensors offer high precision detection using the latest inductive technology in sensors for confined spaces. The µProx E2E diameters range from 3mm to 6.5mm and M4 and M5 diameters to IP67. They are available as both shielded and non-shielded types and include visible operation indicators.

In addition to long sensing distances, E2E proximity sensors include bright LED indication with 360° viewing, IP67K water resistance and two-year oil-resistant cables.

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