Omron FH vision system improves bottle output quality

[Source: Omron Automation UK]

Novio Packaging in Denmark makes primary packaging for markets from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to food and non-food industries. As part of Berlin Packaging, they manufacture bottles of guaranteed quality and operate across the UK, Europe and Asia.

To ensure the quality of the many different bottles they produce, Novio needed an advanced and flexible quality inspection system. Their goal was a system that would cut output defects down to one bottle in 100,000. They investigated several potential suppliers, but they selected a versatile visual inspection system from Omron as meeting their specific needs. This included an Omron FH vision system as well as its FQ2 cameras.

The FH vision system on the production line uses multiple light sources and four cameras to check the bottles from all sides. With cameras set at different angles, they can detect any defects that would affect the quality of the bottles. Moreover, the cameras make the checks on running conveyors, so there is no need to stop the bottling line for inspection.

Besides detecting blemishes, they use two more cameras above the line to check the dimensions of the caps. They also ensure that there is no residual plastic or anything missing from any of the caps that might cause problems. The system ejects defective bottles.

According to Novio’s Technical Manager Peter Lykke. “Our customers use air conveyor systems where the diameter of the bottles’ neck has to be very precise. It’s difficult to check this at speed with any method other than a quality inspection system with a vision camera.”

Quality is important as if one bottle proves to be substandard, the customer could return the whole shipment. Most bottles go to a leading juice company, so it is vital not to contaminate the juice or affect the appearance of the bottle. Maintaining our reputations is also important to us.

Benefits of the Omron FH vision system

The system also needed to provide fast changes as the company produces several types of bottles on the same line. If the system were not flexible, it would take expensive mechanical changes to ensure good images of each bottle.

The FH vision system supports rapid changeovers and provide a wider packaging portfolio, involving smaller but more variable batches. This also helps to avoid any delays in the development of new products.

The OMRON FH vision system is precise, scalable, and adaptable, yet uses a single software programme. Novio was able to programme, integrate and make changes via the FH software, which is easy to use.

Finally, Peter Lykke comments: “One benefit is that once I complete the basic programming and set up the cameras, our technical staff can adjust the programme for new types of bottles themselves. This saves time and money, as the company does not need to call in a specialist or a systems integrator. Novio Packaging leases the vision system for a monthly fee.