Open gigabit Industrial Ethernet Helps Triple Manufacturing Output

When Profile Developments, a prominent door manufacturer in Glin Ireland wanted to implement a new production line, one key challenge was the simultaneous and accurate control of multiple VSDs in real-time. The technology chosen to connect the line to other sections of the factory was CC-Link IE open gigabit Industrial Ethernet.

Profile Developments is a leading producer of composite doors, the most prominent being their Palladio Collection for external use. They have a proven-track record of delivering durable, safe, and stylish products to customers in Ireland and the UK. In response to growing demand, they decided to build a new panel gluing line to increase throughput and productivity.

Scaling-up door production capabilities

The new line features a conveyor system for moving door components through the gluing station, frame assembly post, and a roller press unit. To support this, they installed multiple motors across the conveyor. It uses nineteen Mitsubishi Electric VSDs to run their operations, controlled by a Mitsubishi Electric PLC. A GOT Series HMI provides the operators with an overview of the process and the ability to adjust it, when needed.

“Timing of the and pressing processes must be accurate to maintain the quality” says Mitsubishi Electric’s Automation Engineer Michael Cafferkey. Adding: “optimal conveyor control ensures the doors do not miss a stage or spend too long in any production process.”

To run the drives and the entire new line smoothly and efficiently, leveraging an advanced communication network was essential. This would connect the drives, PLC, and HMI for both high speed control and data sharing. Moreover, it is key for system coordination and component responsiveness, quickly adjusting operations on inputs received from the process.

Open gigabit Industrial Ethernet

The selection of a best-in-class industrial communications technology to support these tasks led to Profile Developments specifying CC-Link IE due to its open gigabit Industrial Ethernet transmission speed.

John Barrett, Site Engineer at Profile Developments, explains. “Our existing plant uses CC-Link IE, and we are comfortable with the performance this solution offers. We decided to continue with this network technology to connect the HMI, PLC, and many inverters, as we knew it would enable us to address our needs for high speed, accuracy, and bandwidth.” Furthermore, it would help us ensure seamless connectivity between this and the existing lines.”

A gateway to upscaling

The use of CC-Link IE and best-in-class automation equipment primarily contributed to the development of a high-performance, responsive production line. This means Profile Developments we can now process up to twelve doors per hour, tripling the plant output.

Says John Barrett: “We are extremely happy with the solution delivered and the overall results. Thanks to the broad portfolio of CC-Link IE compatible devices, we can incorporate the industrial automation components best suited to address our applications while ensuring interconnectivity across the shop floor.”