BPX Open All Hours

“What they come in for is up to them. What they leave with is up to us!”

Albert Arkwright

In his later years and railing against Alzheimer’s disease, my father enjoyed watching box sets of Open…

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Can SCADA become an enabler for IT/OT connectivity?

Within manufacturing organisations, demand is growing for improved IT/OT connectivity. Operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) functions have long coexisted and cooperated. The focus for IT being on front-end business systems, information processing,…

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Drive your own path to digital transformation

The latest digital manufacturing trends aim to connect physical and virtual factory environments to boost productivity, efficiency and profitability. To bridge these two worlds, businesses need to combine some cutting-edge technologies on the…

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Four key technology trends in pharmaceutical production

Driven by consumer demand, regulation, skills availability and digital transformation, the pharmaceutical production sector adapts quickly to change.

Michael Suer of Mitsubishi Electric Europe considers the four key technology trends having the greatest…

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How Is Secure Remote Access Transforming manufacturing?

The collaboration between Advantech and Secomea illustrates the benefits that secure remote access delivers for remote maintenance users. Remote applications provide corrective, preventative, and predictive maintenance to address all aspects of remote machine…

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