Using AI in factories to improve productivity

Applications using Artificial Intelligence in factories to improve productivity are growing. Behind this are several factors from availability of smart machines, greater processing capabilities, increased access to sensor data. The drive to Industry 4.0/…

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Machine learning enhances manufacturing productivity

Introducing artificial intelligence to your manufacturing is not about robotic workers, but the introduction of machine learning to improve performance. Major advances in situational awareness developed from AI used in Read More

Safety, security and ethics for self-driving cars

At first glance, you may think self-driving cars and industrial automation do not have much in common. However, there are many lessons for industry in general to benefit from the massive levels of investment…

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Technology transfer from autonomous cars

Across the world we are spending billions of dollars a year developing technology for self-driving or autonomous cars. The attractions of fully automatic vehicles are clear. Most road accidents (maybe as high as 90%)…

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Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in our daily lives has grown over the last few years. For the most part we do not notice or consider that AI is behind it. Whether people…

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Sick area protection improves workplace robot safety

Robots are important tools for improving productivity and having robots and people working in closer proximity is inevitable. For manufacturers and workers to enjoy this collaboration requires improvements to workplace robot safety. However, people…

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Self driving robots collaborate in life sciences

Automation lends itself to the manufacture of mass produced disposable medical devices and the bulk processing of samples. The main reasons for this are speed and repeatability, and removing contamination risks in a clean…

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