Schneider Electric’s Managed Security Service Mitigates Cybersecurity Threats

In a timely move, Schneider Electric has introduced a Managed Security Services (MSS) programme, to revolutionise safeguarding operational technology environments against cybersecurity threats. Amidst a digital era where remote access and connectivity abound, Schneider Electric is leading the way in mitigating cybersecurity threats.

We are in a time where manufacturers are witnessing an overall surge in cyberattacks, calling for innovative cybersecurity solutions. Markedly, Schneider’s MSS program is the beacon of hope in this landscape. It is more than preventing downtime or safeguarding intellectual property, it is transforming how we perceive and handle system vulnerabilities.

At the heart of this active defence strategy is the global Cybersecurity Connected Service Hub (CCSH). For instance, think of it as your digital fortress, equipped with the latest and most flexible technologies to keep a keen eye on cyber threats and proactively shield customers.

But that is not all! This initiative offers a significant opportunity for operational technology (OT) users who lack specialised cybersecurity resources or expertise. Schneider Electric is not just offering a service; it is providing peace of mind and a strategic edge.

As a distinguished global provider with comprehensive coverage, Schneider Electric also offers what few competitors can emulate. It is one of the few global MSS providers that integrate security monitoring and remediation support. This initiative is also a powerhouse in defending digital infrastructures across all business types and industries. From monitoring known risks to protecting networks, systems, and data across IT, OT, and cloud environments. The MSS solution is a comprehensive shield against emerging threats and sophisticated attacks.

Mitigating cybersecurity threats

As a vendor-agnostic solution, MSS fits seamlessly into any organisation’s existing IT/OT infrastructure, adapting effortlessly to budget and maturity levels. Armed with advanced machine learning capabilities and trend analysis, MSS is also initiative taking, continuously optimising processes to counter real-time threats. The cherry on top? The global engineering and support team, available 24/7 through Schneider Electric’s CCSH, providing unparalleled support.

The new Managed Security Service is all about empowering customers with industry-leading cybersecurity practices. It is an initiative-taking approach to risk that aligns perfectly with regulatory requirements. Moreover, it allows businesses to focus on what they do best – their core operations.

As a leader in efficiency solutions, Schneider Electric ensures this evolving cybersecurity offering stays ahead of threats as they emerge. Furthermore, as a global MSS provider integrating security monitoring and remediation support, Schneider Electric sets a new standard in defending digital infrastructures across various industries.

The four pillars of Schneider Electric’s MSS Cybersecurity are:

24/7/365 Security Coverage

Trust the expertise of Schneider Electric’s global team of analysts and threat hunters to vigilantly monitor your network day and night.

IT-OT Security Synergy

Harmonise IT and OT security efforts for a unified, effective defence strategy while ensuring seamless business continuity.

Global Compliance

Stay ahead of the curve with Schneider Electric monitoring global compliance metrics and regulatory changes, keeping your security aligned and robust.

A Trusted Advisor

Gain exclusive access to a team of OT security experts for tailored advice and strategies that align with your organisation’s unique goals.

Prepare for a thrilling journey as Schneider Electric paves the way for a safer, more secure digital future into factory automation.

Schneider Electric’s Managed Security Service Mitigates Cybersecurity Threats

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