Rittal Blue e+: Sustainable Climate Control for a Greener Future

In the era of digitalisation, sustainability has become a global priority. Companies are seeking effective solutions to align with political mandates and to combat rising energy costs. Our customers purchasing decisions, now more than ever, are increasingly influenced by their company’s commitment to long term sustainability.

Minimise your CO2 emissions – the Blue e+ Way

Rittal Blue e+ Series Climate Control Product Range

Rittal presents the Blue e+ series, offering the world’s most efficient climate control solutions and smart service concepts to minimise your carbon footprint of machines and systems. A Blue e+ cooling unit, on average, saves 1 tonne of carbon per year – equivalent to an 80-year-old beech tree’s absorption. The comprehensive Blue e+ product range caters to diverse applications and requirements. Click the image for the full Rittal Blue e+ range.

Furthermore, Blue e+ features unique technology with extended component service life, global usability, and seamless integration into the Internet of Things (IoT). Its revolutionary energy efficiency stems from ingenious hybrid technology, employing two parallel cooling circuits that can operate independently or in tandem, adapting to temperature differences.

Key Benefits of Rittal Blue e+ Series Climate Control:

Greater Efficiency: Average energy savings of 75% per Blue e+ unit.

More Flexibility: Tailored for any application, location, or output range.

Enhanced Reliability: Maximum reliability, less maintenance, and readiness for immediate use.

Added Simplicity: Effortless planning, operation, and installation.

For more details, visit Rittal’s CO2Footprint page.

Rittal Blue e+ S climate control unitIntroducing the NEW Rittal Blue e+ S Range: Sustainability for Outputs up to 1,000 W

The latest Blue e+ S range offers even more sustainable power for outputs ranging from 300 to 1,000 W. With a redesigned appearance and smart functions, this range ensures faster processes through the Smart Service concept.

New Features:

More Sustainable: World-beating energy efficiency and minimal Global Warming Potential.

Digital Connection: Smart monitoring, IoT interface, and Scan & Service app compatibility.

Versatility: Multi-voltage capability for global applications.

Convenience: Fast, easy maintenance and servicing access.

Optimized Handling: Faster assembly and improved processes.

Reliability: LED optical fibres indicate changes in system status.

Click here more information on the NEW Blue e+ S Range.

Blue e+ Cooling Units: Sustainable Technology for all Applications

These cooling units are versatile and suitable for all industries and environments, offering efficient solutions that cover diverse requirements and applications:

Broad Output Range: Ranging from 0.3 to 5.8 kW, ensuring suitability for various applications.

Material Options: Choose from ‘sheet steel’, ‘stainless steel’, or ‘chemical’ versions to meet industry specific requirements.

Outdoor Durability: Rittal’s robust ‘Blue e+ outdoor’ version comes equipped with anti-vandalism features.

Maritime Adaptability: Tailored for on-board applications, ‘Blue e+ for maritime’ guarantees efficient cooling solutions for ships.

Global Compatibility: With international approvals and multi-voltage capability, Rittal’s Blue e+ cooling units are designed for seamless integration and use worldwide.

Discover the right cooling unit solution for your sector.Rittal Blue e+ Series Climate Control Brochure

In summary, Rittal’s Blue e+ series redefines sustainability in climate control, providing efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly solutions for a wide array of industries

For a complete breakdown of the Rittal Blue e+ range detailed above, click the image.


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