OEM Innovation Day at Schneider Electric Coventry

Schneider Electric is holding an OEM Innovation Day focusing on the sustainable machine lifecycle in Coventry on 11 October. Register now to join the day and gain valuable insights on how your business can drive revenue through a sustainable machine lifecycle.

The OEM market is changing. As end users undertake their own digital transformation, drive for efficiency, and invest in sustainability, their approach to buying and owning machines is maturing.

For machine builders to succeed, they must build-in the technologies that will underpin a more resilient, efficient, and flexible sector. Technologies that withstand the headwinds of supply-chain disruptions, the energy crisis, changing regulations and the drive to NetZero.

OEM Innovation Day

At the OEM Innovation Day, you will see how digital transformation is changing the landscape for end users and regulators. Moreover, you will gain an insight on what Schneider Electric believes this will have on OEMs and machine builders. Then how a sustainable machine lifecycle can give you a competitive edge in challenging markets.

They will expand on how servitisation (the delivery of a service component as an added value when providing products) is no longer a concept of the future. How it meets today’s market needs and will soon become a core offering for all successful OEMs and Machine builders.

The changing business models of industry open new pathways to sustainable revenue generation beyond commissioning. Schneider Electric customers are already reaping the benefits of the sustainable machine lifecycle. Digitalisation and digital twins open the door to rapid and flexible design, build and commissioning. Ways that offer new levels of customisation and a competitive advantage.

Register now, it is next Wednesday.

There will also be the opportunity to hear expert presentations, view product demonstrations, and network with like-minded professionals to exchange ideas. Finally, visitors can engage in interactive Q&A sessions with Schneider Electric experts.

Be among the first to access exclusive industry research and reports. Overall, these provide valuable data and trends that can shape the future of your OEM business.

Event details:
– Date: Wed, 11 October 2023
– Time: 10.30am
– Location: Schneider Electric Innovation Hub, University of Warwick Science Park, Sir William Lyons Rd, Coventry CV4 7EZ

Register now, it is less than a week away




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