Secomea Secure Remote Access

Be it new build machines for manufacturing or for public utilities, unquestionably, remote access is essential. Secomea is leading supplier of remote access solutions. Moreover, they work across almost every sector from food and beverage and textiles to packaging printing and pharma. Furthermore, they serve public customers in water energy building automation and more.

Secomea provides administrators with remote programming, monitoring and datalogging of their customers machines. If an issue occurs they can connect to the equipment for further diagnostics, programming or upgrades. In particular, deployment and maintenance is suitable for users with no IT or networking knowledge.

The solution comprises three basic components -Site Manager, Link Manager and Gate Manager. Markedly, they provide secure connectivity between administrator and the machine no matter where it is in the world.

For machine providers and integrators supporting machine installations support, it is very cost-effective. With Secomea you can diagnose and program the PLC or HMI device using the latest software as if you were on site.

Secomea’s modular design ensures scalability for future process optimisation and maintenance needs. Used proactively it can prevent unnecessary machinery maintenance and downtime. Customers can securely access PLCs and HMIs mobile devices, allowing them to make their operation faster and easier.

The solution also allows consolidation of all existing remote access solutions into one. It simplifies provisioning by using the same configuration for all machines, with access is via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or G3/G4


Secomea’s philosophy is the simpler the solution, the more likely it is to be operated as intended, keeping security firmly intact. Secomea was the first remote access solution in the world certified by an independent authority.

The simplicity of the Secomea solution supports and strengthens the security built into the solution as a priority. Security includes strong end-to-end encryption and two/three-factor security authentications and audit trails. Standard measures for limiting vulnerabilities resulting from misconfiguration or human carelessness.

Developed for manufacturing automation, it’s widely used by machine builders and integrators worldwide. As one of the industry’s top selling solutions, scalability ensures it is suitable for smaller machinery installations with low budgets. Furthermore, it is equally suited to larger machine installations.

It provides remote access to any type of industrial device. Endorsements from leading PLC & HMI manufacturers, for example: Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider, Omron and IMO and Pro-Face.

Secomea Starter Pack

Using the Secomea starter pack from BPX, new users can be up and running in as little as fifteen minutes; the pack comprises:

– SiteManager Gateway offers your preferred Internet connectivity method, or with SiteManager Embedded software for Windows or Linux devices.

– GateManager provides administrator capabilities on a Secomea-hosted GateManager server.

– LinkManager floating license for full programming access to all your industrial equipment.

– LinkManager Mobile license to access web-enabled equipment or remote desktop/VNC from your web browser.

EasyService FREE license subscription, together with free phone and email support for your start-up.

Finally, a wide range of complementary support and service is available, like data acquisition and cloud storage.



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