SICK multiScan 100 – Advanced 3D Lidar for Automated Systems

With the launch of the SICK multiScan 100, engineers can explore the new frontiers in Lidar technology. It is a multi-layered Lidar sensor designed to enhance the capabilities of automated mobile robots (AMRs) and industrial vehicles.

Lidar (laser imaging, detection, and ranging) is a method for determining ranges. It uses a laser to measure the distance to object and surfaces. It can operate in a fixed direction (2D) or scan in multiple directions (3D), or both as in the case of multiScan. Moreover, it has applications in terrestrial, airborne, and mobile applications.

SICK multiScan Lidar

The multiScan offers a noteworthy 360° x 65° field of view with 16 scan layers, providing a detailed 3D point cloud for precise navigation and effective collision avoidance. This comprehensive environmental sensing is crucial for complex automation tasks ensuring meticulous navigation and collision avoidance.

The sensor’s optimised vertical aperture angle provides comprehensive coverage, from ground-level obstacle detection to the identification of overhead hazards, facilitating safer navigation in diverse environments.

With 690,000 measuring points, the multiScan ensures high-resolution data collection and a precise 0° 2D scan plane. Its robust design is suitable for both indoor and harsh outdoor environments, ensuring consistent performance and vehicle availability. Equally important is its ability to preprocess data in real-time without an external controller is a significant advancement, enhancing the efficiency and autonomy of AMRs.

Built for demanding industrial environments, the multiScan employs multi-echo Lidar technology to filter out false signals. Thus, ensuring reliable operation even in adverse weather or dusty conditions.

Easy Integration and Configuration of the SICK multiScan 100:

The device supports easy integration with standard connectivity options and comes with pre-configured settings, reducing setup time and effort. Equipped with 100Mbps Ethernet, eight multi-functional I/Os, the SICK multiScan is easy to integrate and saves valuable time during commissioning.

SICK’s user-friendly Online Configurator allows users to tailor the multiScan to specific project needs. Moreover, it allows for efficient selection of features and software applications, streamlining the integration process. The multiScan is also compatible with Sicks Augmented Reality Assistant (SARA), facilitating quick and convenient troubleshooting directly via a mobile phone.

The SICK multiScan represents a significant advancement in 3D Lidar technology. Significantly, it offers engineers a powerful tool for enhancing the capabilities of AMRs and industrial vehicles in various applications.

Discover the potential of SICK multiScan 100 for your automation challenges.

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