TeSys Giga reinvents the Motor Starter

With new designs and using the latest in manufacturing technology, Schneider Electric recently announced the release of a new generation of TeSys Giga series Motor Starters that go some way to reinventing the motor starter. The new series is 40% smaller, up to 90% more reliable, and 50% faster to install and commission than earlier models.

The design of the TeSys Giga series serves the needs of the process machinery, water and wastewater, metals, minerals and mining and general manufacturing and processing industries. It achieves advanced predictive maintenance through contact wear diagnostic and coil-over/under voltage detection using a unique calculation method.

Schneider Electric TeSys Giga Patents

Benefiting from fifty-six patents, the Tesys Giga series improves machine reliability whilst reducing engineering time and complexity. Users can also expect it to lower maintenance costs and reduce downtime. For example, the modular design means up to 50% faster integration and commissioning times. Reliability and robustness are up to 90% better and the unique new construction enables easy replacement of parts.

New design and production methods deliver a simpler, more sustainable, safe and secure customer experience for panel builders, consulting engineers, system integrators, facility managers and OEMs, by building on proven reliability and high electrical durability.

Using a unique calculation method provides a precise status indication to reduce the downtime and optimise site operation. It also provides indicators for tips wear level; coil under/overvoltage; internal faults, and contactor open & close status. This self-diagnostic feature boosts resilience and uptime for an efficient site operation.

Benefit from Advanced Predictive Maintenance

Achieving advanced predictive maintenance is through contact wear diagnostic and coil-over/under voltage detection using a unique calculation method.

The new design also allowed the developers to improve existing protective functions and add new ones. These included overload protections, earth fault protection, and phase imbalance protection. Performance and reliability are further enhanced through improved auxiliary contacts for high-density PLC input applications. Moreover, QR codes link to technical documents, technical video guides, and counterfeit safeguards which improves customer experience.

The design and functionality of the TeSys Giga series of motor starters also enjoy advanced manufacturing techniques developed at Schneider Electric’s Lighthouse factories and coming soon to BPX.

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