WAGO Cloud Data Control

The new field to cloud capability offered by WAGO Cloud Data Control simply and easily connects the real and digital worlds. Recognised for its electrical interconnection products, WAGO has a core range of automation products including controllers and I/O modules.

Applications include industrial and building automation to lighting technology and traffic engineering. To extend this to IIoT their aim has been to make their field to cloud connection solutions the easiest to integrate. Moreover, they believe WAGO Cloud Data Control achieves this.

In the age of IIoT it is no longer enough simply to collect and distribute the data via the cloud. Users expect to analyse aggregated data and identify trends affecting their business. Expanding its digital performance system focuses around the PFC Series of IoT Controllers. Thus, they provide decentralised data acquisition and centralised data provision, from the field level up to the cloud. Core to this the web portal providing cross-location access to current and historical data, and together they play a decisive role.

Web Portal

WAGO Cloud Data Control manages and monitors all connected WAGO PFC controllers, their applications, and data. The Web Portal serves as a user interface for the cloud service hosted at Microsoft Azure. The portal gives users full access to project functions including controller, and user management, controller status monitoring, alarm functions and email messaging. A configurable dashboard displays text, tables, diagrams, display elements and command buttons for seamless and intuitive operation. Furthermore, customised solutions use the REST or OPC UA interface for energy monitoring and predictive maintenance.

 WAGO Cloud Data Control is available for free as a beta version until the end of June 2018.


Evaluating WAGO Cloud Data Control

Only complete, end-to-end information flow can optimize business processes over the long term. WAGO cloud data control users can access the cloud information regardless of their location. This optimises availability and minimises idling through continuous monitoring. WAGO Cloud Data Control has another important advantage. Access to all real-timedata from PFC connected devices is location-independent and available to all authorised users. Where required, data is also accessible to external partners. Further, multiple authorisation levels also restrict access to critical process data.

The cloud’s alarm monitoring triggers are a report when the systems exceed defined limiting values. Technicians tasked with the issue can use the cloud to inspect equipment and systems regardless of their locations. This optimises availability and minimises downtime through continuous monitoring.

Secure Communication

Continuous data exchange needs secure communication to protect machines and systems. WAGO PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers minimise this security risk. They do this by encrypting data via onboard SSL/TLS 1.2 security protocols and securely transmitting data to the cloud via VPN tunnel. Hence, WAGO Cloud Data Control is the location-independent access to all data from the connected WAGO PFC.


Download the WAGO field level to cloud info sheet here

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