Altivar 600 Drives Water Processing Using Fewer Resources

Schneider Electric has developed the Altivar 600 specifically for the water & wastewater segment to treat and deliver safer water, with improved reliability and performance, lower operating costs and using less energy.

The world’s demand for clean water is growing. Consumption is increasing and resource availability decreasing. Pressure is rising to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of water management solutions.

Altivar Process is a services oriented, custom-engineered drive designed to reduce operational expenses (OpEx) in water installations across the entire water cycle, with a specific focus on maximising productivity.

Productivity up by up to 20%

Energy management is addressed through the use of innovative power technology, an integrated accurate (<5%) power measurement function and standby mode, coupled with digital services, helping users improve productivity and reduce operating and energy costs.

Pump management with embedded process knowledge in the Altivar Process variable speed drives delivers the information users need to optimise processes, and accurate diagnostics and remote services make processes safer and more efficient to realise maximum return in long-term operations.

In addition, the integrated “stop and go” function allows the drive to reduce its power consumption by up to 60% during system stop phases by disabling some functions automatically (the power section, fans, backlighting, etc.). On a system restart request, the Altivar Process drive takes less than 2 seconds to restart the motor. The “stop and go” function can be activated and deactivated in the drive parameters.

Safe integration into distribution systems

Passive and active embedded filters ensure clean and reliable power quality to comply with stringent standards, and ensure safe integration in electrical distribution systems.

Simplified start-up and integration of the drives (smart process object) make it easier to implement Altivar Process in your system. Intuitive built-in functions and diagnostics enable you to monitor your pumping systems at the best efficiency point.

Altivar Process variable speed drives for Water & Wastewater

Altivar 600 makes water & wastewater processing smarter and more efficient, helping users handle current and expected challenges. A full set of protective functions for pumping applications includes:

– Cavitation control

– Low inlet/outlet pressure

– No/low/high flow control

– Accurate process control to reduce energy consumption

– Pressure, flow, level control

– Multi-pump management

– Full pump monitoring (operating point, efficiency, sensorless flow rate monitoring)

Altivar 600 process drives range summary

Power range: 0.75 – 315 kW
Operating voltages: 200 – 400 – 690 V
Protection degree: IP21 – IP55
Motor type: Induction, PM, reluctance motor
Environmental protection: 3C3 / 3S3
Motor laws: Synchronous, Asynchronous Synchronous, Asynchronous
Operating temperature: -15 °C – 50 °C
THDI: < 48%
Embedded functions: Safe Torque Off SIL3 – PI e – Multi-pump
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