Weidmüller u-control for Seamless IT – OT Connectivity

The future-proof way to connect IT and OT systems.

The trend towards smarter factories is driving the growth of networked devices for collecting manufacturing automation data. To extract useful information from the data, Weidmüller has introduced two new modular controllers for IIoT applications. Called u-control M3000 and M4000, they lead the way to the future by integrating automation solutions into the IoT.

Moreover, the powerful controllers also serve as edge devices to provide local information on the network. They are further expandable through additional function modules making them ideal for implementing future-proof automation and IIoT applications.

Exploiting IoT

Producers traditionally used IT systems for information and communication processes, and OT systems on the control automation processes. They often avoided connecting their OT systems to the Internet for security reasons.

With the integration of more devices onto automation networks comes a growing demand for convergence of IT and OT systems. Only by this convergence can users exploit the advantages of the IoT and IIoT. In addition to greater efficiency, it gives users new business insights and opens digital business opportunities that improve their international competitiveness.

u-control M3000 and M4000

By offering both control and edge systems in a two modular system, the M3000 and M4000 save space and enables efficient data pre-processing and precise control directly at the machine. The u-control M series supports installing different runtime systems on various computer cores, making them more powerful than PLC controllers. The M3000 and M4000 simplify the entire integration of complex IIoT automation applications.

Optimal connection of OT and IT

The functionality of the Weidmüller u-control M3000 and M4000 makes them ideal for connecting from the shopfloor to the management system. Their high performance, combined with the dual-core processor technology, means they also integrate flexibly under Linux.

The u-OS real-time-capable runtime system developed by Weidmüller is located on the two additional computing cores. This enables users to add additional functions to IO channels that are not currently in use. This also means that users can expand control systems with no extensive programming expertise or additional software.

Powerful and flexible integration

The u-control M3000 and M4000 enjoy huge computing power. Their extensive internal memories ensure a high-level of security for future challenges in automation and digitalisation. While the u-control M3000 with two CPU cores meets most requirements, the M4000 significantly offers two CPU cores, two Ethernet interfaces and more RAM, NV-RAM, and flash memory for complex edge computing in automation. Users can extend the system with additional interfaces like field buses, Wi-Fi and GSM. These support the creation of customised solutions with a high degree of future security.



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