Why 3G shutdown is relevant to you

While the phasing out of 3G technology by network providers takes place on a country-by-country basis, the implications for many machine builders are not restricted by geography. If you are exporting machines across the world and thus operating across borders, you will need to consider the impact of 3G shutdown on a larger scale.

The motivation behind 3G shutdown

As you might know, mobile networks are changing, and 3G networks are being phased out because it is an older technology. 3G technology takes up valuable wireless spectrum and by shutting down these networks, mobile network operators can free up the spectrum to be used for newer and more advanced technologies, such as 4G LTE and 5G networks.

The timing of 3G shutdown differs between countries. Some have already transitioned to 5G networks, while others are still in the process of upgrading from 3G to 4G. The rate of adoption of these newer technologies affects the demand for 3G services, which in turn affects the timing of the 3G shutdown. Learn more about the timing of 3G sunsetting further down in this blog post.

The impact on remote connectivity

If you have a Secomea 3G sitemanager or any other 3G device that you use to remotely access your industrial equipment, you risk not being able to connect. The Secomea 3G device will failover to 2G, however, as these networks are also being shut down, you could end up not being able to service your customers if the connectivity fails. For this reason, it is important that you replace your device with one that supports 4G service.

Status of 3G shutdown around the world

Continent Country 3G Shutdown
Africa South Africa 2025
Americas Canada No Service
Americas Mexico 2026
Americas United States 2022-2023
Asia Bangladesh 2026
Asia India 2020-2024
Asia Israel 2025
Europe Austria 2024
Europe Belgium 2024
Europe Bulgaria 2025
Europe Cyprus 2025
Europe Czech Republic 2021
Europe Denmark 2022-2025
Europe Estonia 2023
Europe Finland 2023
Europe France 2028
Europe Germany 2021
Europe Greece 2023
Europe Hungary 2022-2023
Europe Iceland 2025
Europe Ireland 2023
Europe Italy 2021-2022
Europe Latvia 2025
Europe Liechtenstein 2025
Europe Lithuania 2022-2025
Europe Luxembourg 2022-2025
Europe Macedonia 2022
Europe Malta 2015
Europe Montenegro 2025
Europe Netherlands 2022
Europe Norway 2021
Europe Poland 2023-2025
Europe Portugal 2023
Europe Romania 2022-2025
Europe Russia No Service
Europe Slovakia 2023
Europe Slovenia 2022
Europe Spain 2025
Europe Sweden 2023-2025
Europe Turkey 2026-2029
Europe Switzerland 2025
Europe United Kingdom 2023-2024
Oceania Australia 2023-2024
Oceania New Zealand 2024

How Secomea can support you

If you are a machine builder exporting machines to other countries, we encourage you to examine the status of 3G shutdown across countries, and also if your current devices support 4G service. If they do not, please reach out to your local BPX branch, so we can advise you on how to move forward.

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