Getting WISE to integrated IoT data acquisition

The WISE-4000 Series is an Ethernet-based wireless IoT device that integrates IoT data acquisition, processing, and publishing functions. Accepting various I/O type inputs, it provides data pre-scaling, data logic, and data logger functions. Access to the data is via mobile devices or published securely to the cloud. See the BPX setup video guide here.

IoT data acquisition

Advantech combined the three core functions of data acquisition, processing and publishing into a single I/O module. The 2.4G Hz WISE-4000 IoT Wireless I/O modules are revolutionising data gathering from remote or difficult to wire locations. Importantly, they meet the needs of a wide range of industries like environmental monitoring, machine monitoring and smart cities.

The WISE-4000 is a wireless Ethernet I/O module for use without needing to go through a gateway to provide the information. This means that deployment is much easier because a limitless number of I/O modules can gather the information from any third-party sensors and connect to an existing network.

With its integrated HTML5 interface, configuration and access are from any mobile device using a standard web browser and without needing to go through an Access Point. Since the WISE-4000 uses the popular RESTful API, system integrators can adjust the configurator to meet their specific needs and reduce the amount of effort required for Big Data.

RESTful Web Service

As well as Modbus TCP, it supports IoT communication protocol Representational State Transfer (REST). It is a software architecture for creating scalable web services. With the advantage of scalability, simplicity and performance, it is acceptable in IoT applications. Based on HTTP, it uses verbs, like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc., for web browsers to get web pages or retrieve data with remote servers.

Data Storage Function

The internal flash memory of the WISE module can log up to 10,000 data samples with a time stamp. The I/O data logging can be periodic and when the I/O status changes. Once the memory is full, users can choose to overwrite the old data to ring the log or stop the log function. When the module powers down, data storage in the module uses battery backup. At the restart, users can decide whether to clear all data or continue logging.

When users poll the data from the data logger, the time stamp will always come with the data. The Logger can send time-stamped information to a Dropbox account or a private cloud depending on the configuration, and it can also buffer the devices’ data in the event of network failure. This ensures there is no data loss before transmitting to the administrator.

IoT Cloud Function

Accessing the locally stored data is available either by polling it or automatically pushing it to the cloud for saving as a .csv file. Users can synchronize the data on the cloud using the application from the cloud provider for accessing from any location. Cloud Logger provides a very flexible solution for cloud data storage. As a result, a WISE module provides a simple route from data acquisition to the cloud.

Other features of the WISE-4000 include three levels of security (WPA2, SSL and three levels of user login). Interchangeable antennas offer greater flexibility, and external DIP switches allow fast and simple resetting to factory default.

There are three models in the WISE-4000 series IoT data acquisition models from BPX. They are:

WISE-4012E 6-ch Input/Output IoT Wireless I/O Module for IoT Developers with optional web access

WISE-4050 4-ch Digital Input and 4-ch Digital Output IoT Wireless I/O Module

WISE-4060 4-ch Digital Input and 4-ch Relay Output IoT Wireless I/O Module






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