Automatic Enclosure Climate Control Minimises Production Downtime

Production downtime can be extremely costly, potentially resulting in losses of hundreds of thousands of pounds per hour for major manufacturers. The overheating of electrical cabinets is a significant factor in the reliability of electrical and electronic controls. In this post, we take a look at how automatic enclosure climate control minimises production downtime, and what should be done to avoid it.

Regardless of your industry or products, downtime directly impacts your bottom line through increased maintenance costs and lost production. Rittal automatic enclosure climate control solutions offer a simple and cost-effective solution.

More than lost production

The effect on production is different according to the industry, and some will catch up the losses over the following days. For others, like bread making, if you miss a day’s production, then that day is lost for good. What’s more, it damages reputations, potentially loses orders and even customers.

Moreover, unplanned downtime can increase scrappage, waste energy and resources. What is more, it incurs the wroth of management at all levels of an organisation, and when it is avoidable, it only makes matters worse. Proper climate control maintenance is crucial for preventing unplanned downtime.

Workarounds are not solutions

Production staff often have workarounds for not tackling overheating in control panels. However, a workaround should only be a short-term fix. Yet, a single instance of downtime can easily outstrip the annual costs of climate control maintenance. Can your business really afford the risk of neglecting this crucial aspect of your operations?

You may also hear excuses for not tackling control cabinet overheating in your production and automation facilities. For example:

“I will fix problems when they occur.”

A reactive approach is unacceptable with today’s focus on increased throughput, cost efficiency, and continuous improvement. Scheduled maintenance can prevent issues before they cause downtime.

“We just open the enclosure door.”

Allowing ambient air into electrical enclosures deposits contaminants that can cause short circuits, blocked fans, and component damage or failure. This is an unsafe stopgap, not a solution.

“My equipment is operating fine without service.”

Failing to service control cabinets allows issues like clogged filters to increase internal temperatures unchecked. Every 10°C rise in temperature above its nominal rating can halve the lifetime of your equipment.

“I do not have the resources, so we outsource that work.”

Third-party vendors may not actually check production for overheating in control equipment cabinets. Manufacturer-trained technicians provide the highest level of expert service.

Automatic enclosure climate control

Maintaining the correct temperature of electrical control cabinetMaintMains extends equipment life and reduces unplanned downtime. Rittal has been manufacturing industry-leading climate control systems for thirty years and has a range of automatic enclosure climate control solutions and more. We urge you to take a look.

Investing in proper climate control maintenance is not just about preventing downtime. It is about safeguarding your equipment, optimising performance, and ensuring the long-term success of your manufacturing operations. Don’t wait for problems to arise. Instead, take the initiative to maintain your systems and keep your production lines running smoothly.

Protect your profitability and manufacturing uptime by contacting us at BPX to access Rittal’s range of enclosures and climate control solutions.

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