Boosting Cement & Aggregate Processing Plants

Cement and aggregate processing is characterised by harsh operating conditions and the need to avoid downtime at all costs. Keeping critical plant running and available is fundamental to a plant operating at optimum efficiency and achieving required production levels.

In this blog post, we consider how Mitsubishi Electric’s automation solutions can drive the visibility, reliability, and performance of your plant, enabling you to maximise productivity and minimise downtime.

Enhancing Asset Performance with Predictive Maintenance

Traditional maintenance practices can be costly and time-consuming. However, with predictive maintenance, you can take an initiative-taking approach to asset management. Mitsubishi Electric’s automation solutions use advanced diagnostics and analytics to predict maintenance requirements and asset failures. Moreover, by planning maintenance activities around production schedules, you can optimise asset availability, avoiding unnecessary shutdowns and maximising operational efficiency.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is also a significant concern in the aggregates industry. Mitsubishi Electric offers energy-saving solutions designed to optimise power usage and provide total visibility of energy hotspots in your plant. By implementing energy-efficient variable speed drives (VSDs) and deploying smart energy monitoring and analytical solutions, you can reduce energy costs and enhance the reliability and efficiency of your assets and operations.

Aggregate Processing Plant Control

To drive performance improvements, it is essential to have a clear view of your processing plant and to control key assets effectively. Mitsubishi Electric’s automation solutions, including PLCs, SCADA and network solutions, providing real-time control strategies, and helping to improve production capacity, operational efficiencies, and predictive maintenance. Tailored solutions are also available to suit the size of your plant, available budget, and operational goals.

Extending Asset Lifespan

Regular maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan of assets such as conveyors, crushers, pumps, and fans. Mitsubishi Electric offers comprehensive maintenance and support programs, ensuring timely maintenance, repair, and upgrades. By establishing a long-term partnership, you can maximise uptime, productivity, and the overall service life of your plant assets. Additionally, added value services such as obsolescence reports, legacy upgrades, and technical training are available to further enhance your operations.

Legacy Migration

Legacy migration of old generation equipment is a frequent problem to many production facilities. Mitsubishi Electric has a proven record of easy migration for all our automation equipment and solutions when upgrading to new generations, whilst assuring backwards compatibility. As part of our added value services, Mitsubishi Electric can offer legacy migration from other vendor’s equipment, in the form of hardware and software migration tools.

By leveraging Mitsubishi Electric’s automation solutions, you can optimise the efficiency and performance of your aggregate processing plant. Predictive maintenance enables dynamic asset management, reducing downtime and maximising operational efficiency. Energy-saving solutions also help to minimise energy costs and improve the reliability of your assets. With effective plant control and comprehensive maintenance support, you can extend the lifespan of your assets and achieve long-term success.

Finally, partnering with Mitsubishi Electric and BPX provides the expertise and solutions needed to drive efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability in demanding aggregates industry.


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