Why a Cloud-based SCADA solution is the key to your success

Making sound business investment decisions is often about making choices and selecting a SCADA package is no exception. By adding a secure cloud-based SCADA app to their MAPS SCADA software Mitsubishi Electric simplifies decision making for SCADA users. It is no longer necessary to choose local or cloud-based SCADA as MAPS provides both. Out of the box, MAPS is suitable for secure cloud hosting as well as local server/PLC and other options. It offers the best of both worlds without the need to choose.

A good SCADA solution can do many things for a manufacturing or process business – from displaying straightforward plant status and production target visualisation to implementing full life-cycle planning and implementation for factory automation upgrades. Continuous development and improvements to MAPS means users have access to an advanced solution that is flexible and easy to integrate. Without this, managing information security, database accessibility and many browser platforms can be a headache.

Mitsubishi Electric, one of the most trusted automation vendors in the market, is providing a practical step to enable IIoT. Enabling the potential benefits of a well-supported, stable and secure operation to many users.

Cloud-based SCADA

With large data volumes expected from IIoT implementations, secure data storage is an important consideration. MAPS addresses this by including an IIoT module that allows it to provide seamless connection third-party IoT cloud hosted environments. Using a fast, built-in solution helps optimise project cost. Furthermore, it offers the user benefits such as plant and process optimisation realise for a faster ROI.

Hosting MAPS SCADA in the cloud or privately and using the provided Internet of Things (IoT) Agent allows MAPS to talk to third-party IoT cloud-hosted environments. Independent of the chosen environment – Amazon, Azure, Huawei, Sigfox or NBIoT – MAPS is an ideal IoT application builder. Additionally, the built-in OPC UA, Sigfox wireless and MQTT protocol driver allows secure communications to other devices deployed anywhere on the cloud.

Robust and secure

Active clustered server technology options deliver robust reliability and availability. The secure client-side user interface provides configuring, displaying, manipulating and delivering the values. The MAPS design environment also offers an intuitive interface resulting in faster engineering which can lead to higher productivity and reduced costs.

The scope and scalability of the product mean lower project engineering and development costs for all sizes of project. The amount of physical programming required is low, even when the complexity of the application increases. This also has benefits for the end user and the system integrators as both can become more competitive as a result. The investment is also better secured because the solution remains very flexible for updates and new projects.

The resulting SCADA platform product creates advanced, secure and integrated solutions that deliver value to a business. This can be as simple as being able to view the output from a single machine on your smart phone or coordinate the installation/upgrade of a complete production line. An HMI version also exists for machine builders and customers wanting a lightweight localised control and visualisation tasks.

MAPS is the default choice for users of Mitsubishi Electric automation hardware. But its higher level of flexibility and security in a standard product, it will attract new converts to Mitsubishi Electric.



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