How to replace your old ATV Drives with ATV630/ATV930

Replacing ATV61 and ATV71 drives that have failed with Altivar Process Drives presents a challenge for users. Smart factories of the future depend on devices with embedded intelligence installed in equipment and machines. This means that replacements for many end-of-life devices (EoL) will be different in both size and performance from their predecessors. Schneider Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 drives are now EoL and this article looks at where to start if they need replacing.

In 2017, Schneider Electric introduced a new generation of service-oriented Altivar drives. Called ATV630 and ATV930 Process Drives, they take intelligence to the point of operation. They help manufacturers moving to smart factories by connecting key devices, and their data collection and analysis capabilities allow proactive and predictive maintenance. Schneider has said the ATV630 is now replacing ATV61 and the ATV930 is replacing ATV71 product lines.

Altivar 600 & 900 series Variable Speed Process Drives animated graphicThis change is significant for existing users as dimensions of the ATV630/ATV930 are markedly larger than equivalent rated ATV61/ATV71 drives. Before ordering replacements, users need to ensure the new product will fit and that the electrical installation is also compatible.

Replacing ATV61 and ATV71 cabinet mounted drives

When wall mounted inverter drives need replacement, it tends to be an inconvenience rather than an insurmountable problem. However, for replacing ATV61 and ATV71 drives integrated into a cabinet, it presents challenges of a far greater magnitude.

The suggested replacement for cabinet installed ATV61 is the Altivar 630Z and for the ATV71, the ATV930Z drive without gland. But the larger sizes of the new drives make them difficult to replace an IP20 ATV61/71 in a cabinet. Users must take care to review the dimensions before attempting a swap-out. See product bulletin PB1905.1 for more information.

New Migration Manual

In supporting the transition, Schneider Electric produces a 65-page Migration Manual for Altivar Process Drives when replacing ATV61/ATV71 with ATV630/ATV930. The document provides information about migrating from ATV61 to ATV630 or ATV650, and from ATV71 to ATV930 or ATV950. Importantly, it includes product selection according to the existing installation, technical differences between the product ranges, product frame size, control wiring information, comms modules and other available options.

Migration kits

Additionally, mechanical substitution kits consisting of metal migration plates make it possible to re-use the ATV61/71 mounting holes. There are ten kits designed for the different product frame sizes and suitable for both wall and panel mounting versions. A mounting plate is not required for frame 7 as product dimensions are identical for ATV61/71 and ATV630/930.  Contact BPX for migration kit prices.

Altivar 61/71 vs Altivar 600/900 Product Line

For users less familiar with Altivar drives, it is important to understand the differences between the ATV61 and ATV71 before selecting a replacement. In general, the ATV630 replaces the ATV61 and the ATV930 replaces the ATV71. Other than the differences in size, they have similar functionalities but a few minor differences to consider when making replacements.

Drive design differs according to the targeted application and the output power needed for a specific motor/application. So, there are some factors to consider when selecting the correct product reference. In particular, the output current levels of the drive that must match the ones needed by the motor used. Furthermore, consideration of the targeted application and corresponding needs/constraints and whether this application requires normal or heavy-duty products.

This is because the design of Altivar Process variable speed drives is for use in two operating modes that can optimize the drive nominal rating according to the system constraints. These two modes are:

  • Normal duty (ND): Dedicated mode for applications requiring a slight overload (See table below) with a motor power no higher than the drive nominal power. Typically, these will be variable torque application such as fans and pumps.
  • Heavy duty (HD): Dedicated mode for constant torque applications requiring a significant overload (See table below) with a motor power no higher than the drive nominal power derated by one rating.

Duty ratings

ATV61 ATV71 ATV630/650 ATV930/950
Normal Duty overload < 120% Not available < 110% < 120%
Heavy Duty overload Not available < 150% < 150% < 150%

To select a specific product reference, determine whether the application requires normal duty or heavy-duty. Then select the corresponding reference using the tables from the pages 19-21 of the migration manual.

For other differences, users should consult the relevant Schneider Electric documentation. Some examples include:

  • ATV600 does not have provisions for connecting a Dynamic Braking Resistor or for using a DC Bus connection.
  • The Short Circuit Protective Device (SCPD) used for ATV61/71 may not be suitable for use on ATV630 and ATV930. Appropriate information is in the upstream protection device section of the Installation Manual.
  • The keypads and mounting kits are different, but both use the same cable part numbers to connect the remote mounting kit to the drive.
  • Programming layout or style is different from that of the obsolete Altivar 61/71 drives, but the functions are similar. There are some functionalities found in one and not the other, but both drives support the SoMove programming software.
  • ATV600/ATV900 has an extra analogue input, extra safety input and one more analogue output on the embedded control terminal card as well as an extra relay output. The ATV600/900 also includes a ModBus TCP/IP Ethernet port and two ModBus RS45 ports (one used for the keypad).

Finally, as one of Schneider Electric’s leading national distributors, further assistance is available from the BPX Group

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