You need to consider Mitsubishi Electric’s new E800 Inverter Drives

From one of the world’s leading manufacturers of VSDs comes the E800, a game-changing machinery drive for the new automation era. Designed for IIoT and smart machines, it handles multiple open Industrial Ethernet and TSN networks. Moreover, it uses onboard artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver enhanced reliability and usability. But does that make it worth buying? In this blog article, we take a look at why you need to consider Mitsubishi Electric’s new E800 inverter drives.

Inverter drives have been in regular use for over forty years, but new models often offer incremental improvements over their predecessors. The new generation E800 inverter drives integrate technologies that enhance their machine performance, reduce downtime and increase safety and productivity. Besides improved motor control functions, they are also suitable for harsh operating conditions and demanding production operations.

Before dismissing the E800 inverters because you prefer another make, consider how they impact both machines and manufacturing processes. The benefits extend to both OEM machine builders and end-user industries of automotive, food & beverage, life sciences and water treatment.

There are three versions available to cover Standard-duty, Ethernet, and Safety applications, and all share the same high specifications. Additionally, the Ethernet models allow switching between various leading Ethernet protocols by changing internal drive parameters for simple integration. The safety communication models support Ethernet-based safety communication protocols.

High-performance compact design

Offering a space-saving compact footprint, the drives control 3-phase motors up to 30 kW at 200/400/600 V. Suitable for side by side mounting, the temperature rating of FR-E800 spans the range from -20° to +60 °C and has a coated control card to help withstand harsh environments. Dual motor overload duty ratings (standard and light duty) reduce space requirements and costs and simplify stocking.

Energy-saving motors

The E800’s advanced autotune function controls standard IE3/IE4 induction motors, Surface Permanent Magnet (SPM) and Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motors for greater flexibility. This also simplifies spares stockholding and aids users transitioning from standard induction motors to higher-efficiency versions.

Easy switching between control methods with the E800 inverter, for example, Vector control for lift applications (with the plug-in option) and advanced magnetic flux vector control for conveyors, reduces the number of required spare inverters. PM sensorless vector control is available when using the inverters with PM motors. Vector control is also available with standard induction motors by using a plug-in option kit.

Onboard PLC

A built-in PLC programmed via the FR-Configurator2 software provides enhanced customised control functionality. Control of several VSDs by a single master is possible and removes the cost of an external PLC. Users can also create small-scale synchronous systems by connecting several inverters via Ethernet protocols with communication through the PLC’s I/O.

Ethernet version

The E800 Ethernet version offers increased flexibility by incorporating multiple communication networks without the need for option cards. It supports the major Industrial Ethernet networks as standard including, CC-Link IE TSN, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus TCP/IP. Network flexibility is also increased by having two Ethernet ports that support line, ring and star topologies.

Safety version

Incorporating the E800 into IEC 61508 SIL2 or 3 PLe systems maintains both safety and productivity. Integrated safety functionality is standard without the need for an encoder. It includes Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safety Limited Speed (SLS), Safe Brake Control (SBC) and Safe Speed Monitor (SSM). These significantly reduce the time required for maintenance or tooling and eliminate external devices such as those used for monitoring the speed. Moreover, wireless access for hard to reach inverters like gantry cranes also enable safe monitoring and adjustment of drives by the operator. IP address filtering limits access to specified connected devices.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary Maisart AI system, the drives feature the world’s first onboard corrosive gas detection system. This detects hydrogen sulphide and other harmful gasses known to cause damage in the water processing, automotive and other industries. Integration of the Maisart AI into the inverter setup software FR Configurator2 analyses the causes of faults and identifies potential failures.

E800 Predictive Maintenance

Unlike traditional diagnostics, AI is a powerful tool for recognising patterns in data and detecting anomalies sooner to avoid downtime.

The drives also store the operating status (output frequency or other data) immediately before activation of the protective function. This supports the fastest troubleshooting procedure without requiring any special skills and contributes to shorter downtimes.

Drive Life Diagnostics

The E800’s Life Diagnostics function provides real-time monitoring of their internal hardware, including fans, capacitors, power modules and relay contacts. These AI-based functions also simplify maintenance programmes by moving from periodic to condition-based to save unnecessary maintenance costs and production time.

Added to Mitsubishi Electrics unrivalled product quality, ease of use and user functionality, the E800 is ready for IIot and beyond.

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