The unique EVO separable switch disconnector

In designing the EVO separable switch disconnector, Marechal Electric created a unique 40A load break connector for tough environments. It combines a switch, connector and disconnector, and its patented twist and switch design positively indicates the contact position ensuring safe disconnection. This means equipment changes are easier and faster so manufacturers can keep production down-time to a minimum.

The unique EVO separable switch disconnector

Its rotary twist and switch introduces a new safety feature in the industry. By aligning the “O” indicators, you put together the two parts of the switch disconnector. With a twisting movement, the Off position makes it ready to connect but there is no power flowing through. Making a final twist movement to the ON position closes the contacts to connect the power. The units are watertight in both the ON and OFF positions.

With a traditional switch-disconnector, users cannot be certain of disconnection in the event of fused or welded contacts. But the EVO’s separable switch disconnector’s infallible mechanism allows the opening and separation even if there has been an overcurrent or overvoltage fault. Visible breaking by separation into two parts confirms the supply is isolated and with standard padlocking lockout procedures can be followed for safe working.

Harsh environments

Designed for harsh environments, the EVO switch disconnector is suitable for operation from -25° C to +60° C. The high-quality robust materials used offer great flexibility in the most demanding applications of hygiene and reliability. It is also equipped with self-cleaning contacts with silver tips and a patented and unique “twist“ mechanism. Furthermore, its ergonomic design makes handling and cleaning easier, and the product is watertight (IP66 / IP67), in the ON and OFF positions.

Safety of separable switch disconnector

Safety is critical, thus no access to the live parts is possible even when separated, as the live parts have IP4X safety shutters installed. Furthermore, disconnection switching speed is independent of the operator, and its visible and detachable break guarantees the safe isolation of any low voltage electrical circuits (AC-23 18.5 kW, AC-3 11 kW). EVO complies with IEC 60204-1 standard for machine safety. It is suitable for all motor plugging configurations up to 6 poles + earth.

Wash down proofing benefits for food and other industries

For ease of cleaning and safety, the EVO Series ensures waterproof connectivity even under water jets (IP66). Moreover, its smooth design with no protruding screws reduces the possibility of debris build-up on the device, ensuring installation hygiene. The IP67 rating refers to its protection against temporary submersion.

EVO is the only separable switch-disconnector on the market and is suitable for permanent or temporary industrial and commercial applications. Available up to six poles and earth it is suitable for the power and control of various equipment. Installation is simple, requiring only a screwdriver, there are four installation types are available:

    • – Front/side panel mounting


    • – Wall box mounting


    • – Bottom panel mounting


  • – Inline coupler connection

Finally, EVO’s visible separation into two parts ensures safe disconnection. For added protection, users cannot access live parts due to the IP4X safety shutters and the products are IP66/IP67 protected in both ON & OFF positions. Padlocking is standard on all configurations; other additional options are also available.


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