Enclosure selection software for fast reliable results

Enclosure selection software assures equipment builders of fast reliable and economical selection encompassing a wide range of variables. We learn by doing and hopefully, also remember what works and what doesn’t. One of the drawbacks is that once we have something that does work, we tend to stick with it.

With increasingly complex machines and applications, it is time to consider a new approach to enclosure selection. An advantage offered by enclosure selection software is it asks questions users may not have considered and then provides solutions. This allows the user to deliver more in a shorter time and also not to forget important information.

Switchgear and Controlgear are the cornerstone of electrical systems in industry, infrastructure, building, energy, transport. The correct enclosure and thermal management calculation are crucial to guarantee the targeted performance and safeguard installed equipment for service and continuity.

Enclosure selection software

Schneider Electric’s comprehensive ‘Digital Rules’ enclosure selection software helps users define the most suitable enclosure and compatible accessories in minutes. Moreover, the software also includes the integration of thermal management solutions where needed. Altogether, they offer a range of enclosure tailored for special needs customised to meet special technical or aesthetic requirements, both indoor and out.

Digital Rules enclosure selection softwareStandard enclosures are available in a range of steels and composite materials and address most industries and environmental challenges. Special enclosures are also available.

Steel enclosures

‘Spacial’ are steel wall mounting and floor standing enclosures for protection of electric and electronic components against dust, splashing with oil and also impacts. For additional protection against electromagnetic disturbances an EMC version treated with Aluzinc is available. Where the environments are more demanding, two grades of stainless steel are available: 304L for hygiene/corrosion resistance and 316L for marine applications

Composite enclosures

‘Thalassa’ are insulating enclosures for use in difficult environments including chemicals and aggressive substances. Suitable for wall mounting or floor-standing they are made from fibreglass reinforced polyester to resist hard conditions and outdoor applications. Thalassa industrial boxes are also made from ABS and polycarbonate and suitable are for environmentally demanding duty with high IP ratings.

ClimaSys thermal management

Maintaining the right temperature inside an enclosure is vital for maximising the lifetime of the installed devices. Extremes of temperature and humidity are also known to cause problems for electrical equipment mounted in enclosures. Analysis of the malfunctions and stoppages of electrical installations shows they are mostly of thermal origin.

A rise in the average operating temperature may exceed the limits tolerated by the equipment or create hotspots. Similarly, extremly low temperature due to the environment can cause the formation of condensation, a phenomenon which is harmful for the equipment. Furthermore, these excessive humidity and high temperature inside the enclosure can cause numerous malfunctions from nuisance tripping, premature aging and fire.

ClimaSys Thermal management system must guarantee the temperature and humidity controlled inside the enclosure. The correct solution must be based on a robust process starting on the environment diagnostic, going to the parameters calculations and defining the best architecture. Using ClimaSys enclosure selection software minimises the cost of maintaining or replacing equipment, lost production due to stoppages can be

The Schneider Electric solutions

With the ClimaSys range Schneider Electric delivers a comprehensive offer for all installations:

– Ventilation systemsClimaSys CV
– Airing systemsClimaSys CA
– Heat exchangersClimaSys CE
– Cooling units- ClimaSys CU
– Resistance heaters or heating units- ClimaSys CR
– Control offer (thermostats / hygrostats / hygrotherm / monitoring system)ClimaSys CC

ProClima software
Calculates the thermal management requirements specifically for the installation according to the environment and the electrical / electronic devices installed inside the enclosure.