M262 controller bolsters IIoT for performance machines

Flagship factories aside, most manufacturers are likely to take a phased approach to in introduce IIoT or Industry 4.0. The M262 controller from Schneider Electric was introduced for making the transition to smart automation products and support the changes to manufacturing automation. Connectivity and security are also unquestionably important themes for achieving improved efficiency and performance.

The new Modicon M262 controllers are IIoT-ready for logic and motion applications, having embedded cybersecurity features and encryption protocols. Furthermore, they offer direct and secure cloud connectivity without gateway devices. This provides secure connectivity, data management and visibility of local/remote machines. It also enables OEMs to manage equipment efficiency and offer an array of digital services supporting monitoring, analytic and predictive maintenance.

Up to five one-to-one independent Ethernet networks allow for easy integration into the plant and production line. They support ERP, MES, SCADA with open protocols such as OPC UA, PackML or SQL.

M262 controller offers scalable and reliable machine integration for Industry 4.0, machine to device, machine to human, machine to machine, machine to plant or machine to cloud. The onboard embedded safety solution complies with safety regulations up to SIL3. They offer encrypted communication for added security, network separation, Achilles certification and other cybersecurity features.

Motion Control M262M

Three motion controllers are available for demanding motion applications with for four to sixteen synchronized axes. They feature scalable cycle times down to one millisecond and three nanosecond to instant processing speed independent from communication tasks. Their real-time automation field bus with Sercos offers fast motion control, safety and is open to other devices. Additionally, it simplifies the architecture and field bus wiring by managing EtherNet/IP and Sercos devices on the same cable. Furthermore, simplified setup and commissioning and diagnostics without software installation result when using ‘Machine Assistant’.

M262 Controller (Logic)

Two models of M262 Controller meet logic application needs where it can be also be an “All-in-One” motion controller, embedding all requested features as Motion bus, encoder and touch probes. Safety can be either modular or embedded. With a choice between optimised or performance I/O systems, Modicon M262 Controllers provide versatile architectures around EtherNet/IP and/or Sercos, all under one software EcoStruxure Machine Expert.

The Modicon M262 forms an integral part of Schneider’s IIoT-ready EcoStruxure Machine architecture. It works as an edge controller for linking connected products and to critical data analytics applications. Smart devices gather important performance data, use that data to optimize machine performance, and then analyse that data to predict trends. By both supplying and accessing data, operators can enhance both operational efficiency and productivity.


Device makers are adapting their products and introducing new Smart IIot integration platforms for simpler integration through open software. The Schneider Electric EcoStruxure platform for machine builders links hardware and software for both cloud and local edge connection. Markedly, Schneider Electric claims the benefit of up to 30% faster time to market through simplified design and engineering.

Easily connect the Modicon M262 to EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, a digital tool for machine builders gives unprecedented insight into the machine. Machine Advisor also allows OEMs to enable asset monitoring and predictive maintenance, thereby expanding possibilities for generating end user services revenue.


The Modicon M262 meets the need for logic and motion control in demanding machine applications. It is a versatile controller specifically when needing communication in the plant or to the cloud. With its embedded safety capacity, Modicon M262 controller fits high demanding machine safety applications, and specifically Material Handling, Hoisting, Packaging, Food & Beverage, Electronics or Textiles.

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