Advantech extends embedded edge controller line-up

Building on its successful UNO-100/300 range of ruggedised embedded edge controller series, Advantech announces three new modules. Using the latest high performance Intel processors, they support factory automation applications like real-time monitoring ,data management, and remote control.

UNO-100/300 embedded edge controller feature wide operating temperatures, and high shock/vibration tolerance. A built-in TPM 2.0 module ensures secure data transfers and reliable operations in harsh industrial environments. Using a modular form factor makes them easier for machine builders to deploy.

Interfaces for optional expansion include PCIe for high-density I/O, PCI for motion cards, and iDoor expansion for fieldbus modules. Their customisable options streamline deployment and maintenance while providing cost-effective upgrades making them ideal for achieving intelligent factory operations.

 UNO-348 – Compact Embedded Edge Controller

The aim of the UNO-348 is to deliver multi-task processing for enhanced computing capability. It supports a diverse range of I/O, interfaces and peripherals for diverse industrial applications. Moreover, the edge controller’s ruggedised 200x140x120 mm compact form factor enables easy installation in harsh industrial environments with limited space.

Dual power inputs guarantee stable power supply and uninterrupted operation. UNO-348 uses Advantech’s iBMC technology for remote out-of-band power management, aiming to reduce system downtime and operational costs.

For improved management, it also supports WISE-DeviceOn software to help remote users to track, configure, analyse, and control many terminals. This also supports easy maintenance and recovery.

UNO-148 – Regular Fanless DIN-Rail Controller

UNO-148 features Intel’s 11th generation processors for its industrial edge computing applications. It combines high-performance computing with various I/O ports and M.2 expansion slots. It also includes an M.2 M key for faster storage, and support for the integration with AI acceleration cards.

Compliant with IEC-61010 safety standards, the ruggedised design of UNO-148 makes it suitable for industrial-grade equipment and control applications. It also offers two second -stack I/O extension module options to provide high expandability for diverse industrial operations, such as high-speed data acquisition, soft-logic control, and vision applications. Among these, a most important feature of UNO-148 is the support of Time-Sensitive Network (TSN) technology.

TSN allows customers to achieve synchronous control between machines and IT systems to ensure devices can communicate in real-time without barriers. This  simplifies the configuration of systems, devices, and applications to increase productivity.

With the integration of Advantech’s iBMC technology and WISE-DeviceOn software, UNO-148 can ease out-of-band management for remote system recovery. This provides a comprehensive solution for remote device management and upgrades from a centralised platform.

UNO-127 – Pocket-Size Fanless DIN-Rail Controller

An Intel Atom processor with 4GB/8GB DDR4 onboard memory meets the need for price competitive enhanced computing performance. To allow deployment in limited-space environments like in-cabinet installations, the UNO-127 features a compact 100 x 70 x 33.5 mm form factor. Also IEC-61010 safety standards compliant, it supports a wide operating temperature range. The advanced heat-sink design makes it a reliable solution for harsh industrial environments from -20 to 60°C.

Go here for a detailed specification download the press release here.


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