Omron RT1 ready to use Secure Remote Access

Omron Automation in cooperation with Secomea introduces a security certified IIoT edge gateway for remote troubleshooting and industrial automation monitoring. The RT1-Series is a ready to use secure remote access allowing corrective maintenance without costly and time-consuming site visits.

The RT1 is a complete solution with all the software and hardware needed for efficient, simple and secure remote maintenance. Moreover, the remote access lets users view and control interfaces, troubleshoot equipment and install updates without the need for travelling.

Using the RT1 remote access gateway allows users to respond to any issues arising at production sites running 24/7. Its secure, seamless connectivity to industrial operations allows access to PLCs and other programmable/configurable devices anywhere a remote connection is possible. The result is more machine uptime and reduced waiting time for users of the Omron automation platform.

Ready to use secure remote access for maintenance

The firewall friendly SiteManager IoT edge gateway enables both industrial remote access and machine data collection with edge computing functions. It ensures seamless and secure remote VPN connectivity to industrial equipment and IIoT devices. Moreover, it allows the concurrent collecting of data from multiple devices.

SiteManager supports simultaneous connections with up to ten industrial devices via Ethernet using the equipment’s native protocols. It collects data from industrial devices via Modbus, or OPC UA, and sends the raw data for further analysis and processing to the chosen cloud solution such as Azure or AWS.

It is DIN mountable for installation in machine control panels to provide remote access for on-demand, real-time servicing of industrial equipment. Furthermore, it enables secure connectivity to the Internet through the firewall of the existing wired network infrastructure and wirelessly by 4G/ LTE Global modem or via Wi-Fi.

This service-ready device improves responsiveness, reduces the impact of emergencies, optimises the workload of engineers, and maximises machine productivity.


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