Energy Data Management: Energise your Efficiency & Untangle it with WAGO

Stop the data overload, unleash the savings! Corporations are laser-focused on energy efficiency, driven by regulations and the promise of competitive edge. But wading through complex measurement systems and mountains of data can be a real pain. In this article, ‘Energise your Efficiency and Untangle your Energy Data Management with WAGO’, we say forget all the reasons people say it is too complex a task and cannot happen. If you want to stop the data overload and unleash the savings, WAGO has the answer you seek.

To unplug the complexity, plug in WAGO’s new Energy Data Management system. Moreover, this game-changer seamlessly records and manages all your energy data, without the need for programming. Imagine capturing electricity, gas, heat, water, compressed air, temperature for a holistic view of your energy flows and production processes, all in one system.

Built for the real world

The WAGO Energy Data Management system is not rocket science. Its modular system adapts to your needs, integrating effortlessly with existing technologies. Industry-proven hardware, like the PFC200 Controller, forms the solid foundation. Simply choose the I/O modules you need: power measurement, pulse counters, M-bus meter interfaces, and more and connect them in series. The modular designed I/O system 750 hardware also makes it adaptable to meet all respective requirements.

Modern software

The preloaded software is so user-friendly, it practically sings. Furthermore, it automatically detects connected modules, and parameterisation is a breeze. No coding headaches! The web-based interface lets you manage everything from your desktop. Forwarding data uses MODBUS TCP/IP or CSV files via FTPS, and there is also an SD card option.

See the light with intuitive visualisation

Generate consumption curves, pinpoint peak loads, and track energy use against process changes. Identify savings opportunities by using variable speed drives, new lamps, or fixing compressed air leaks all are laid bare. The system is also ideal for businesses just starting energy monitoring or minimising the cost of entry. Even if you are new to energy monitoring, WAGO is your perfect partner.

Industry needs energy efficiency: WAGO delivers it

Industry consumes almost half of the country’s energy with much of it used in heating processes. This means that successfully transitioning to greater energy efficiency depends heavily on industry. Despite environmental goals, energy use is on the rise. With an estimated 20% savings potential. WAGO can help you unlock this hidden treasure.

Energy Data Management

The ‘WAGO Energy Data Management’ system is the cornerstone for fulfilling energy audits and management requirements. It can also provide the KPIs to help you achieve ISO 50001 Energy management. But the true power lies in turning data into insights, revealing energy optimisation in both industry and commerce.

Ready to energise your efficiency?

Ditch the complexity and embrace the clarity offered by WAGO’s new Energy Data Management System to discover how together, WAGO and BPX can help you untangle your energy data and unlock your full savings potential. After all, if you cannot measure it, you cannot monitor it.

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BPX Marketing
BPX Marketing
1 month ago

Looking to optimise your energy consumption and uncover hidden savings? Whether you are new to energy management or a seasoned veteran, WAGO energy data management offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs with the WAGO I/O-SYSTEM 750 in five simple steps.