Rewind Time in Your Factory? OMRON NX5 Makes it Possible!

Imagine this: your production line grinds to a halt, and you’re scrambling to identify the problem. Hours tick by, tempers flare, and valuable production time is lost. Sound familiar? What if there was a way to rewind time, pinpoint the exact moment the issue occurred, and resolve it quickly and easily? Introducing the Omron NX5 automation controller with its revolutionary playback feature…


The ability to record, rewind and resolve machine issues using an integrated playback facility allows engineers to pinpoint the precise moment when a production line issue arises and resolve it with unparalleled precision.

Playback is a feature exclusive to the Omron NX5, and indispensable for capital intensive industries and automotive production. For example, it reduces commissioning time, to give your production processes an efficiency boost like never before.

Rewind time and cut downtime

Furthermore, it promotes fast breakdown identification and resolution of unexpected issues. Thus, ensuring not only stable production performance but also unmatched output quality. It also empowers local and remote team members to effortlessly diagnose issues offline, slashing downtimes and maintaining smooth operations.

Stable Machine Performance

NX5 is the first controller that can collect and record data in a specific window while running the sensor, motion, and ladder programming without any loss of performance. It provides a stable production performance and quality at the same time.

Machine Synchronisation

Another unique benefit is that the NX5 synchronises all the control I/O bus and motion network in one single cycle. Thus assuring data accuracy and synchronisation across the entire system platform.

The NX5 controller has new levels of integration combining not only control but also the safety and other core features integrated into one controller. For example, it integrates direct database access with MQTT and OPC_UA.

This means you can run the machine, record what is happening and play it back later without any performance loss. There is also the option for video playback with up to four external cameras.

Collaborative Analysis

If there is a machine error, resolving it can take place in-house or externally. Engineers can also send the NX5 playback recordings to the machine builder or Omron. All the files provided by automation playback for review automatically include an exact copy of the application code running in the machine. Having an exact copy of the application code running in the controller helps analyse what the viewer is seeing.


See the Omron NX5’s breakthrough Automation Playback first-hand in the demo video below.

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Experience how to rewind time and revolutionise issue resolution on your production lines.

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