3D production line simulation ensures functionality

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced MELSOFT Gemini 3D production line simulation, to speed up the design and construction of production facilities. It uses digital technology to replicate and verify planned production operations in a 3-dimensional environment. Moreover, it ensures functionality before installation to streamline manufacturing processes.

By connecting to an array of software and factory devices, MELSOFT Gemini will visualise, simulate, and help streamline manufacturing work processes ranging from design of production facilities to operation and maintenance. The software allows users to verify line equipment in a digital world and speed up product time to market. They can construct animated 3D models to replicate production operations, analyse scenarios and save rework labour costs by troubleshooting issues.

The manufacturing sector is seeing growing demand for the digital transformation of factories. Yet the recent pandemic has restricted mobility and face-to-face communication, making it difficult to install and maintain production facilities. This and the trend for more engineers to work from home have highlighted the use of digital space for problem solving. MELSOFT Gemini helps solve these issues and streamline processes to simulate the operation of production facilities before installation and operation.

Production line simulation

MELSOFT Gemini simulates and verifies operation and control of production lines faster by connecting to simulators in MELSOFT iQ Works. They replicate the control of devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and motion controllers (Servos). Factory automation devices connect directly to the simulator without needing to go through an OPC server. This enables the updating of 3D data in digital spaces approximately twelve times faster than OPC environments.

During the verification, engineers can check the status of the planned production facility by looking at the PLC program. Detailed checks for possible operational interference can also reduce the need to rework processes as well as helping to improve quality.

The supported hardware menu (e-catalogue) offers hardware selection from an array of over 2,500 types of production equipment. This includes robots, conveyors, processing machines and many more that combine into a simulated 3D production facility using drag and drop. Moreover, various parameters are simple to set on the 3D screen to adjust the layout of the production line.

Graphs help identify different production yields and operating rates, enabling the efficient design and continual improvement of lines. Line, area, bar and circle graphs are available to visualise and analyse simulation data on different operating rates of production. They display the equipment operating status, production task duration, worker wait time and used defined information. These also support design improvements to refine the production lines.

MELSOFT Gemini 3D simulation prevents the need for redesign and additional construction and minimises on-site adjustments that delay introduction. See the video here.




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