Inverters Driving You Crazy?

When inverter drives were so hard to obtain some months ago, the feedback we got was that inverters were driving you crazy. So, wanting to ensure our customers kept working, we responded as you would expect and we stocked up.

The good news for you is that now that supply is easier, we have a few more inverters in stock than we now need of some sizes.

Crazy Female Engineer with Inverter image Crazy Male Engineer with Inverter image

We are offering this excess inverter drive stock, on a first come first served basis, at very special discounted prices. All of this excess stock is new, in their original packaging and with full manufacturers warranty.

Between you and us, these prices are too low to advertise but if you would like access to the inverter drives we have, while we have them, please contact your local branch or our Drives Team, ideally with the power ratings you are interested in and your preferred brand if any, and we’ll respond accordingly.

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