Mitsubishi’s FR-C S80 Inverter Drives: Low Cost & Maximum Space Saving

Engineers seeking an entry-level, cost-effective solution for their automation needs need look no further than Mitsubishi’s FR-C S80 inverter drives. Renowned for its compact design, low heat generation and space-saving capabilities, the Mitsubishi CS80 ranges in power rating from 0.4kW to 2.2kW single phase and up to 15kW three-phase inputs.

FR-C S80 Inverter Drives offer a powerful and efficient solution for a wide range of applications. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key features of Mitsubishi’s FR-C S80 and highlight why it’s the perfect choice for engineers looking to optimise their systems while keeping costs down.

The new Mitsubishi CS80 inverter range is as simple as they are smart

“Smart People Simplify Things” said Albert Einstein.

The new Mitsubishi CS80 range certainly takes a leaf from Albert’s book and delivers inverters as simple as they are smart.

  • Simple to Fit – with Spring Clamp Terminals and a Flip-up Terminal Cover
  • Simple to Configure with the Free-to-download FR-Configurator Software
  • Simple to Control with Plug and Play connection to an HMI and inbuilt Password Security
  • Simple to Use with Auto-Restart after brief power failure and Motor Pre-heat Functions.

Compact Design and Low Heat Generation

One of the standout features of Mitsubishi’s FR-C S80 series is its compact size, which is achieved through a brilliant low heat generation design. This compactness allows engineers to save valuable space in their installations, a crucial factor in today’s increasingly space-constrained industrial environments. With side-by-side installation, these drives can be placed in close proximity without any adverse effects, further maximizing the utilization of available space.

High Torque at Low Speed

One of the challenges engineers often face in automation applications is generating high torque at low speeds. Mitsubishi’s FR-C S80 series addresses this challenge effectively. Thanks to its general-purpose magnetic flux vector control, these inverters can deliver a remarkable level of torque even at low speeds without the need for an encoder. This feature is particularly valuable in applications where precise control at varying speeds is essential.

Reduced Wiring and Setup Time

The FR-C S80 series is designed with efficiency in mind. Its condensed design not only saves space but also reduces the complexity of wiring and setup. Engineers can enjoy the benefits of faster installation and commissioning, ultimately leading to reduced labour costs and quicker project turnaround times. This advantage not only streamlines the integration process but also helps keep project budgets in check.

Mitsubishi’s FR-C S80 series of Inverter Drives in stock now at BPX

For those eager to implement Mitsubishi’s FR-C S80 Inverter Drives in their systems, there’s great news. We have current stock of the FR-C S80 series available and ready to be delivered to your doorstep. By partnering with a trusted supplier like BPX, you can access these innovative drives with confidence and reliability.

Marvel at the clever simplicity and wonder how Mitsubishi have done all for what is a remarkable price. If you’re interested in this effective, low-cost inverter solution from Mitsubishi and want to explore its technical details, we encourage you to follow the link for more information.

Mitsubishi’s FR-C S80 series of Inverter Drives is the perfect answer for engineers seeking an entry-level, cost-effective solution that also provides space-saving benefits, high torque at low speeds, and reduced wiring and setup time. With BPX as your trusted supplier, these innovative drives are now readily available to help you achieve optimal automation results without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – discover more about the FR-C S80 series today and get in touch with us to bring your automation projects to life.

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