Benefiting from early system integrator expertise in building projects

Benefiting from early system integrator expertise in building projects

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A system integrator (SI) plays an invaluable role in building automation projects, which is why Schneider Electric considers them key partners. Moreover, they see many examples across industry where SIs come into the timeline too late. As a result, delays and avoidable costs often occur.

Hence, Schneider Electric suggests bringing in an SI from the start of the design process. Importantly, their expertise ensures meeting major time and money savings aims and helps projects achieve their sustainability goals.

Involving a system integrator in the early project stages ensures that your design process includes all the necessary detail. Otherwise, there is a greater risk of running into incompatibilities or other mishaps.

Furthermore, if design incompatibilities occur, the integrator often endures most mistakes in the final steps of the project. These can lead not only to costly delays but reflect poorly on all stakeholders involved. This is why SIs are a critical piece of the puzzle that brings a project together.

Why early system integrator involvement is essential

System Integrators are responsible for a wide range of tasks to optimise projects by handling everything from designing and deploying systems to managing vendor requests. There are various upsides to using SIs, like maximising system usability, improved performance, and ensuring healthier and more productive smart infrastructures.

For example, Aspiria, the 200-acre office campus of the future in Overland Park, Kansas that partnered with Schneider Electric to optimise energy use and transform their environment into a net zero, live-work-play hub.

In their case study, the Schneider Electric’s Master-level Building Automation EcoXpert implemented an EcoStruxure solution allowing Aspiria to modernise its BMS and meet its goals. Benefits included a 16% annual energy consumption saving of $1.5 million. It also achieved a 36% reduction in the carbon footprint of the complex.

Leveraging SI capabilities from the beginning ensures that your building performs to industry standards and achieves sustainability targets. Vital benefits from the early inclusion of services offered by a System Integrator included:

Risk Reduction

SIs prevent costly rework and delays, saving about 12% in building costs. They use automation to identify design issues early, avoiding downtime and extra costs. SIs choose the right technology for energy and sustainability, saving time and money.

Encouraging Collaboration

Collaboration is essential for efficient facility management. SIs promote teamwork among designers, contractors, and end users, ensuring alignment on goals and preventing risks.

Enhancing Visibility

SIs also improve visibility in the digital development process, reducing errors and delays. They achieve this using advanced tools for fast, efficient problem-solving.

Customer Advocacy

Finally, they also focus on customer needs, adapting to evolving digital transformations in construction. They ensure customer satisfaction and align stakeholder interests, considering the high expectations for flawless technology.

Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Programme

The EcoXpert partner programme is a global network of Schneider Electric trained and certified partner companies who provide local expertise. Furthermore, they are competent in the fields of building control, power management and energy efficiency.

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