Explore Innovation with BPX’s Schneider Electric Demo Walls

Did you know that we have the ability, here at BPX, to revolutionise industrial control and automation project planning? Book in and pay us a visit, where you can explore innovation in industrial control and automation on one of our Schneider Electric Demo Walls. 

At BPX, as Schneider Electric Alliance Master Industrial Automation Distributors, we have set a stage for innovation with our Schneider Electric demo walls at a number of locations across England at our Leicester, Manchester, Slough, Bristol and Southampton branches, and also in Ireland at our Dublin branch. These demo walls not only showcase the prowess of Schneider Electric’s control and automation products, but also give our customers the full hands on experience of testing, with discussion alongside an expert, to help shape and plan projects.

One of the standout features of our Schneider Electric demo walls is the incorporation of a fully functional working demonstration system. This allows customers to witness, in real time, the capabilities of Schneider Electric’s solutions in real life. From concept to execution, the demo walls are a valuable tool for understanding the products’ functionalities and their potential applications.

Customers visiting BPX’s demo walls now have the unique opportunity to test their projects on-site. The demo walls, being equipped with all the necessary tools, including PLCs and drive, allows users to simulate and validate their ideas. The PLCs cater to projects of varying sizes, from the compact M221 and M241 PLCs for smaller applications, to the robust M251 and M262 PLCs for larger projects.

Our demo walls go beyond a mere display of Schneider Electric’s products, providing a dedicated space for customers to engage in discussions, share initial project ideas, and seek expert advice. Our knowledgeable staff assists in navigating through Schneider Electric’s product range, helping customers identify the most suitable solutions for their specific projects.

To experience the transformative power of our demo walls, book your demonstration today using the links below >>

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