Mitsubishi Electric enhances its FX5-ENET Ethernet unit to advanced IIoT


Mitsubishi Electric has announced a significant upgrade to the FX5-ENET Ethernet extension unit. To enhance the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capability of the MELSEC iQ-F PLCs it now supports two Ethernet networks. The dual connectivity option allows any of the iQ-FX5 base units to connect to both CC-Link IE Field Network Basic and general-purpose Ethernet.

FX5-ENET for advanced IIoT

The FX5-ENET enhancements foster better connectivity and data management that drive improved machine performance and productivity. Moreover, they allow for a more integrated and flexible installation. End users and machine builders can achieve greater operational efficiencies by using expanded cloud computing, cybersecurity, and advanced email functionalities. For example:

Enhanced Cloud Integration

The new FX5-ENET module enables direct data collection in the Cloud, aligning with IIoT principles for enhanced data-driven analytics. It supports functions such as predictive maintenance and streamlined troubleshooting to boost overall productivity and increase profitability through cloud-based solutions.

Advanced Connectivity through MQTT

The integration of the MQTT protocol optimises IIoT device communication to enhance accessibility and widen the range of applications. This connectivity also supports remote access, allowing for more versatile machine operation.

Robust Cybersecurity

In addition to this, using MQTT within the FX5-ENET Ethernet unit aids users in setting up seamlessly interconnected machines for smart operations while protecting their factories from cybersecurity threats. The protocol also includes key security features, such as encryption and digital certifications, helping to prevent, detect, respond to, and address potential risks through retransmission if a message is not received, TLS encryption and client authentication.

Secure Communication

The FX5-ENET also includes encrypted email functions to support popular free services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. This feature ensures secure and reliable communication via SMTP servers, enhancing accessibility and operational responsiveness.

Finally, the existing FX5-ENET/IP is now suitable for use as a BACnet device. It provides analogue and digital values as inputs/outputs to the workstation and controller.

The FX5-ENET is already in stock at your local BPX branch here.

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