Start your digital transformation journey with a Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC FX5S PLC

Mitsubishi Electric introduces the FX5S PLC, a cost-effective and high-performance PLC designed for businesses embarking on their digital transformation journey. This compact and intuitive controller is perfect for straightforward applications across industries like food and beverage, water treatment, and machining.

Streamlined integration and superior performance.

The MELSEC FX5S PLC offers onboard IIoT functions that make it an effective option for entry-level industrial automation applications. Its intuitive operating system also ensures high-speed performance, which is crucial for applications requiring precise positioning.

Compatibility with the CC-Link IE Field Basic open industrial Ethernet technology enables seamless integration with other factory automation devices such as HMIs, drives, and remote I/O systems. Moreover, this integration facilitates reliable communications and the creation of interconnected shop floors, enhancing operational efficiency.

Starting your digital transformation journey

Start your journey the uncomplicated way with the advanced automation features built into the iterative FX5S PLC, such as:

– Maintenance and IoT Connectivity

  • The CPU features built-in maintenance functions and supports communication with a wide range of devices, crucial for IoT integration of equipment and machinery.

– Reporting Capabilities

Users can expand IoT functions, such as data collection and remote monitoring, to further enhance their operational capabilities.

– Simplified Communication

The PLC supports program-free communication with PLCs from various manufacturers. This simplifies retrofit system construction and provides compatibility with Modbus/TCP devices.

– Troubleshooting

For instance, use the incorporated data logging and analysis features to expedite troubleshooting and root cause identification. A built-in web server allows operators to remotely access and monitor operations at any time, thereby improving responsiveness and adaptability.

– Monitoring and Data Access

These features allow operators to visualise equipment operations, identify issues early, and use FTP for scheduled data uploads.

Easy Integration with Servo Systems

The FX5S CPU module connects effortlessly with the MELSERVO-JET via the CC-Link IE Field Network Basic. A free function block (FB) provides access to advanced drive control functions as well as simplifying development of cost-effective 4-axis drive systems.

Ideal for Small-Scale IoT Applications

The FX5S is not only compact and capable but also easy to configure and deploy, minimising the initial investment required for digitalising operations and building smart machines. The battery free base units are available with 30, 40, or 60 I/O points as well as expansion up to 256 I/O.

Available from BPX

Start your digital transformation journey with the FX5S PLC supplied and serviced by BPX, the UK’s leading provider of industrial automation solutions.



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